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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-07
In the process of shopping, we will choose thousands of choices, and we will choose the items we like. Similarly, when you travel or go on a business trip, you will also choose a trolley case that suits you. What details do you need to pay attention to when selecting or customizing trolley cases? Xiao Bian has collected some information on the above issues, hoping to be helpful to everyone when customizing luggage case. First of all: when customizing the travel trolley case, entrepreneurs should check the appearance of the box, that is, whether the box is positive and whether the corners of the box are symmetrical. The box can be upright or inverted on the ground, check whether the box is on the ground and not skewed, and check whether the box surface is flat, with or without scratches and cracks. Pay special attention to the box shell (Above, below)The four corners should be symmetrical. Open the box, check the box mouth, the box mouth should match each other, the gap should be small, the joint should be closed, the hinge should be flexible, the buckle should be closed, the buckle should be able to open, and the box should be firmly adhered, textile Fabrics must not have wire jumping or cracking. Handle (MOP)The installation is firm and cannot be loose. The box wheel should be flexible, and it is best to use a wheel with a bearing. When checking the box lock, you can combine several groups of digital numbers to test, open and close normally. The material of the trolley wheel is of course rubber. When pulling on the ground, the smaller the sound, the better. The zipper of the box is also very important, but it is not necessarily the bigger the better, or the material and the feel of the pull-down. Secondly: Regarding the pull rod of the trolley case, the pull rod should be flexible and have a certain strength. The telescopic rod and the fixed rod should be matched moderately, and the expansion amount should not be too large. After the locking button of the pull rod is pressed, it should be able to follow the local telescopic pull rod. Of course, the tie rod should be built in, and the material must be steel ( The external pull rods and wheels are definitely not suitable for the brutal loading and unloading of the current flights) The box body should have a steel skeleton, the fabric should be rainproof, and the material has a larger granularity because it is more wear-resistant. Combined with the above two points, for' Some details to pay attention to when customizing luggage case'I believe you already know something. Of course, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian is also based on online data collection, the above information is for reference only. When purchasing luggage case, you can consult luggage case sellers or luggage manufacturers for specific questions. I believe their professional opinions can solve your questions and answers.
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