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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
For office workers working in metropolises, it is as common to travel on business as usual. At the beginning of joining the rhythm of office workers in the metropolis, there is inevitably such confusion. What brand of backpack is suitable for business travel? If this idea occurs, Pesin Xiaobian is undoubtedly going to stop you. Why? Because many popular brands on the market are all backpacks for business trips, you are already dazzled before you really choose them. Therefore, the short-distance travel backpack should have the following ideas: 1. The capacity of the backpack should be large enough. Generally, the backpack used for short-distance travel is basically 1- 3 days, so the capacity of the backpack must be as large as possible. In terms of material, it is best to choose a plastic backpack made of nylon material, and the height is about 50 cm. Then, I believe that every office worker and computer are indispensable, so in the design of the backpack compartment, the backpack you choose must have a professional computer layer that is shockproof and breathable. 2. The material of the backpack should be lightly. The nylon material of the backpack is a good choice, but more importantly, it is on the carrying system. In the choice of shoulder straps of backpacks, it is necessary to have a mesh breathable layer design and a diving material decompression layer design, so as to effectively reduce the weight of backpacks on the body. Usually a professional short-distance backpack will design the back as a triangular mesh layer to give the shoulders a good breathable space, while the nylon backpack, the back is a good design point in the carrying system. 3. The appearance of the backpack is fashionable and exquisite. The short-distance travel is also a matter that cannot be ignored. Before the departure, there will be such an idea, in general, short-distance travel is not to see customers or relatives and friends. Therefore, the appearance of backpacks should be very particular about, and it is also a key point that needs to be considered. In order to ensure comprehensive functions, we should also choose backpacks with fashionable and exquisite appearance. Here, it is especially important to choose a professional backpack customization manufacturer. If it is a business trip organized by an enterprise, the employee's welfare can be directly used to solve the backpack selection for the employee's business trip, and the backpack welfare gifts commonly used by the employee can be customized to solve the daily problems of the employee, let employees feel the care of the company, and let the company have a channel for brand promotion, the best of both worlds. Backpack customization please look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been focusing on backpack customization for 12 years. The Products are fashionable and exquisite, and have been recognized by the industry by virtue of honesty, strength and product quality, it is the luggage manufacturer you deserve to entrust!
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