Several ways of channel marketing for gift luggage enterprises

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
In product marketing, taking a ride through channels is a good choice with low cost and high efficiency. Just like in daily life, people go to the streets to take a ride! Mobile phones of various brands are sold on the ride of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and other companies; Home decoration products are sold by ride on furniture products; Car after-sales service take the ride of the 4S store; The power supply bureau and other rides on the supermarket are charged; Happy to take the Disney car to take off; Low-value products and even Cottage products take the sales channels of branded products, and so on. Then the gift company can also carry a ride from other channels. How can gift companies take a ride? Generally speaking, there is a certain correlation or complementarity between products that have a free ride marketing. In order to facilitate the reference of the majority of enterprises, the author summarizes the following channels to take the ride: products with complementary consumption can be sold by each other's channels. For example, Shuanghui Meat chain stores concurrently operate daily necessities; Cake room retail dairy products and beverage products; The breakfast shop also sells milk products; Drinks, beverages, cigarettes, etc. are sold in hotel channels, which are the most common phenomenon of hitchhiking. In the beverage industry, it has even evolved to the point where hotel channels dominate the structure of enterprise sales channels and enterprises compete for hotel channel monopoly in vicious competition. Establish a sales channel by taking advantage of the National phased policy. After 2004, the state vigorously advocated'Thousands of stores' In the project, many dealers, supermarket chains and even convenience stores have built a sales network with the help of policy support to realize the extraordinary development of enterprises in the short term. Products that have a certain degree of efficacy or group can be sold to each other. The baby shop also sells pregnant women's products, which can not only realize product sales, but also lock in future consumer groups. It is a good way to kill two birds with one stone. The pharmacy channel also sells beverages, food, health products, gifts, etc. , which are the embodiment of this method, and all realize the cross-border of channels. Take a ride through the channels of state monopoly products. In recent years, many enterprises have carried out in-depth cooperation with salt companies in various regions. Salt companies have also been widely involved in the sales of non-salt products. The two sides are mutually beneficial and have improved the utilization rate of channels, and achieved the growth of their respective sales performance. At the same time, a large number of food and beverage companies have taken advantage of the gas station convenience store channels of PetroChina and Sinopec to sell products, and the performance trend is gratifying. These are all good cases of resource integration. In the sales season, there are complementary products to each other, and can effectively balance the difference between the season and the season, and share the operating costs. For example, beverage dealers sell drinks, food dealers sell beverages, and professional gift dealers remove the packaging and retail contents, etc. , can achieve new growth points. Take a professional non-marketing channel to sell products. A large number of beverage and food enterprises have achieved excellent performance in selling products through Internet cafes; Food and beverage products can be sold in the form of planes and trains; With the help of China Post Logistics, Ningxia Red Group has increased its turnover by nearly 5000 a year. A large number of moon cake factories have also made considerable gains in selling moon cakes through the post logistics system. In fact, some products with the nature of gifts can take the ride of the above channels. Of course, it is inevitable to open up the public relations marketing costs of such channels. In the hot e-commerce industry, popularity means wealth. Many online merchants who have established popularity have begun to introduce product sales, which is also a good choice. The above briefly introduces the types of channel rides from the common seven aspects. The author believes that with the development of the market economy, there will be a large number of opportunities and rides. However, the market economy is always the same. Whether it is the popular master-level professional positioning theory or the later mixed marketing proposition, it is proposed from the perspective of in-depth communication with consumers and satisfaction of consumption convenience. Therefore, in the market economy environment, if enterprises want to be accepted by consumers to keep up with the needs of market development, the divergence of our thinking should always start from'Everything for the consumer' From this perspective, because as long as the final demand of consumers is the direction of the marketing history wheel. Pesin gift bags are developing e-commerce in recent years. I believe that end consumers can directly buy your favorite shoulder computer bags, briefcases and mountaineering bags online in the future. Stay tuned.
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