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by:Lzdrason     2020-06-05
The opening season is coming soon. Have parents prepared new schoolbags for adorable babies? Pesin luggage manufacturers are here to remind parents that the quality of schoolbags in the market is uneven, and the purchase of schoolbags should not be careless, so as not to let the inferior schoolbags hurt the children's health. Parents should pay attention to the following matters when purchasing schoolbags so as to choose an environment-friendly and healthy schoolbag for children. 1. Smelling the smell is an intuitive method to judge whether the schoolbag is environment-friendly and healthy, although it is not very accurate, it can also be used as a certain basis for evaluation. Schoolbags made of inferior fabrics often have an unpleasant pungent smell, after smelling for a long time, people may also suffer from dizziness, dim eyesight and other symptoms. In the face of schoolbags that emit pungent smell, parents should pay attention to whether there are excessive formaldehyde, aromatic amines and other substances in schoolbags, formaldehyde has a strong stimulating effect on human mucosa. Long-term low-concentration inhalation will cause neurotoxic reactions such as decreased immunity, lethargy, neurasthenia, etc. Long-term exposure may also induce cancer. Therefore, for bags with pungent smell, it is best not to buy them. 2, check the bag protection function, now the child, the bag is really not the general weight, 7,, and even more, this is really a kind of oppression for children who are still growing up. In the long run, it is very easy to form hunchback, high and low shoulders and even affect their physical development, and these effects are irreversible. Therefore, when purchasing schoolbags, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection function of schoolbags, such as whether schoolbags have Ridge protection design, wide shoulder straps, belts and other functions to protect children's health, if the schoolbag does not have these protection functions, parents are advised not to choose. 3. Pay attention to the space capacity of schoolbags. The third factor in choosing schoolbags is the space capacity of schoolbags. Children use more stationery. If they are all put together, it is inconvenient to use them. Parents must think of one thing when choosing backpacks for children. They can choose those with multiple pocket compartments, which can facilitate children to organize school supplies such as books and stationery, it also further helps to improve the child's ability to organize, but the size of the bag should not be too large, choose the smallest bag that can hold the child's books and stationery. Generally speaking, schoolbags should not be wider than children's bodies; Back on the body, the bottom of the bag should not be 10 cm lower than the child's waist. The above is an introduction to the purchase of schoolbags. Parents can refer to the above suggestions when purchasing schoolbags for their children. Bags are purchased and customized. Please look for Pesin luggage manufacturers. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been specializing in customizing all kinds of bags for 15 years. All Products are strictly controlled by material selection to prevent the use of inferior materials, to ensure the safety and health of luggage Products, the luggage Products produced by Pesin Outdoor Products Company all conform to QB/T1333- 2018 standard, can issue relevant test reports, visible strength, service, trustworthy choice.
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