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[Reprint] Lining: price increases slightly fabric: stagnation meets | Enterprise News information | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ pull

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
Lining: a week (January 2-8th) , The market transaction of lining fabric is'Volume and Price Rise Slightly' Quotes, for example, light textile 210T Price from 1. 48 yuan/meter, up to now 1. 51 yuan/meter, in the market, the semi-elastic spring spinning 170T also has a slight increase, the current price is respectively 1. 66 yuan/meter, 1. 68 yuan/meter, up 0 from last week. 02 yuan/meter. '210 polyester taffeta' The transaction volume was slightly enlarged, and the polyester taffeta 290T product could not raise the price for a while due to the large inventory. Spray-woven Jacquard products have sprung up and are in active trading. The products are sold to Haining for leather lining. Among them, jacquard polyester beauty is newly sold. The fabric is made of polyester FDY semi-matte 68D/24F, it is a traditional satin weave with a specification of 16*4*33 and adopts Jacquard technology on the rapier (Jacquard)Interwoven on the loom. The Jacquard part is a pinyin letter and a round blessing and longevity, which symbolizes auspicious peace and clothing. The gray cloth is treated with relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static, etc. The fabric has the functions of soft hand feeling, bright luster, anti-static and the like. The product can be matched with lining materials for medium and high-grade clothing and leather goods, and the ready-made clothes are comfortable and smooth to wear. The color of the listing is mainly coffee, Navy, fruit green, black, dark gray, etc. 'Jacquard polyester beauty' The finished fabric door width is 150 cm, and the market wholesale price is 5. 20 yuan/meter or so. 'Nisi spinning' Although sales have remained stable, downstream demand has shown an upward trend in recent days. For example, the special nylon yarn for rain gear is interwoven. 'Umbrella Silk'. The market volume of jacquard lining and knitted warp knitted mesh lining is still rising, while the price trend is stable and rising. Polyester cotton lining trend market turnover rose, especially'Tiaoge'Demand exceeds supply. Judging from the current trend, the trading situation in the lining market is not very active, but it plays a role as a tray for the Polyester Market. It is expected that the lining market will be moderately heavy next week, and the price is still likely to rise. Fabric: a week (January 2-8th) In the market, the conventional polyester full-elastic two major categories of Chunya spinning and peach skin are still slowing down due to the oversupply of products. The overall sales of silk fabrics rebounded slightly, but the price trend was relatively stable and rising. Regular'Cashmere' The weak situation of the fabric market is difficult to change, among them,' Washed velvet and Kadan velvet are very slow to ship this week. The market sales of golden velvet and corduroy series of knitted warp-knitted fabrics have increased slightly, while the market sales of island-type warp-knitted interwoven suede fabrics have not decreased, while the markets of knitted warp-knitted fabrics such as velveteen and short plush are still on sale. The full-bomb Oxford cloth on the market also showed strong momentum this week. For example, the spray Oxford cloth is mainly used for luggage fabrics. Jet fabric'Jinmian' Intentional orders for cotton-containing fabrics such as series and polyester-cotton interwoven small silk cotton increased, but the domestic demand market lacked foreign trade orders, and spot transactions were'Small Batch, multiple batches'The situation. The Nylon polyester series has more shipments, and the price trend is temporarily stable; Orders for nylon interlaced fabrics have increased recently. Among them, the taslon series has been active in inquiries. Among them, sanded polyester taslon fabrics have become the selling point in the recent market. It is understood that 228T polyester taslon has sold better, the warp of the fabric is made of full matte DTY75D/72F, the weft is made of polyester ATY160D/96F, and the fine plain weave is woven on the water jet loom. It has been further processed by sanding, dyeing, waterproofing agent treatment, etc. With its unique advantages of soft hand feeling, good water resistance and sexy taking, it has won the trust of consumers. The finished fabric has a width of 148 cm and a weight of 113 (g/m2)The current price per meter is 7. Around 00 yuan, the fabric is suitable for making jackets, travel clothes, casual wear, sportswear and other clothing. Sanded polyester'Taslon' The reason why the fabric is popular in the market is mainly because the raw materials are well matched and the price is good, so the people who are favored are popular; Secondly, the texture is soft and simple, and it conforms to the fast-paced life needs of consumers. It is expected that the sales volume of the market will rise moderately next week, and the overall price of the market will also rise.
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