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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-02
Luggage case customization is a technical activity. Customized luggage case is a perfect combination of machine and technology. What are the key points of customized luggage case? Quanzhou trolley case Factory introduces you to the key points of trolley case customization. 1. The size and weight of the trolley case. Luggage case is divided into boarding box and consignment box on weekdays. The size of the boarding case is: the sum of length, width and height shall not exceed 115, and the weight will not be limited if the size reaches the general standard. The size of the consignment box is not more than 158 in length, width and height; The weight of the trolley case is that the weight of each box is controlled below 23kg (Including Box weight). The size of the luggage is also a decisive factor in determining the capacity of your luggage, so this is a must for luggage case customization, and the weight of the luggage is determined according to its material and size, of course, the best result is both light and good quality. 2, the inner board of the trolley case. The custom-made inner plate of trolley case is divided into steel plate and IPS. The quality of the steel plate is the best, but the box is also the heaviest; IPS board material can also be used, but it is easy to break. Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturers recommend custom trolley case when choosing built-in steel plate, not easy to break. In addition, the lighter the box, the better. Too light a suitcase is easy to break. A strong suitcase can bring comfort and comfort to the journey. 4. Customized wheels for suitcases. This is a very critical part in custom luggage. Many manufacturers produce products with exposed rear wheels that are easily damaged by road steps. Generally speaking, the half-pack rear wheel protects the box more, is more durable, can be used longer, and is also easier to use. 5, trolley case custom fabric. The effective maintenance methods for bags and leather goods made of different materials are different, and the prices are also different. When purchasing a trolley case, not only look at the style and price, but also consider durability. ABS box is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant, suitable for long-distance travel. Pp box is resistant to high temperature and the lightest weight, suitable for long-distance travel. Eva box is mainly light in weight and good in toughness. It is suitable for short-distance travel. The built-in, appearance, fabric, box lock, zipper and other details of luggage case can also be referred to here. 6. Quality of customized accessories for luggage case. The main accessories include handle, pull rod, wheel, box lock, Hook, ring, decorative parts, etc. Smooth surface and no burrs are required; The metal coating is bright and free from rust; The surface coating of the plastic-sprayed parts has uniform color and no leakage or peeling. 7. The overall appearance of the trolley case. Requires a correct shape and a straight tooth; Upright and stable, no unevenness or skew. Leather fabrics shall not have obvious disability, artificial leather and synthetic leather fabrics shall not have obvious bumps and bumps, marks, and the main parts of textile fabrics shall not have defects such as warp break, weft break and yarn jump.
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