Quanzhou gift home exhibition promotes both inside and outside the luggage industry

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-02
The global PMI value has collectively rebounded, indicating that the global economy is stepping into a recovery track after experiencing the previous downturn. In this atmosphere where the market is better than expected, the luggage industry enterprises relying on domestic sales and exports are taking advantage of the development, expanding business channels from different ways, and striving to produce better transcripts in 2013. According to industry insiders, as a big country in the world that produces Bags, China has more than 20 thousand luggage manufacturers and produces nearly 1/3 of the world's bags. Although each enterprise has sufficient production capacity, with the help of domestic exports and other advantages, the sales situation is still commendable, but the brand advantage is still the weakness of the development of domestic luggage enterprises. April 25-28,'21st China (Quanzhou) International Gifts, crafts, clocks and household goods exhibition' It will be held in Quanzhou Convention and Exhibition Center with an exhibition scale of 110 thousand square meters. There are not a few famous brand enterprises from the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. From this, it can be seen that in addition to the production capacity of domestic luggage enterprises, their determination to make the brand stronger is also evident. At each exhibition, all luggage exhibitors spare no effort to exhibit unique new products to achieve the dual purpose of expanding business and enhancing corporate image. For example, the business trolley bag produced by sikonici is specially designed by senior designers, and the style is calm and elegant, and the wear-resistant dense fabric also prolongs the service life of the bag, the internal humanized compartment design highlights the convenience of use; The pull rod backpack exhibited by Quanzhou experts, with a hidden pull rod design at the bottom and a strap hidden on the back, can be converted into a backpack, a pull rod backpack, and a hand bag at any time, which will definitely focus on fashion eyeballs. Although the main purpose of exhibitors participating in the exhibition is to expand business channels and obtain more transaction orders, the impact of the exhibition on enterprise products is far more than that. While displaying the latest and most fashionable bags, the invisible expansion of corporate awareness and brand charm will have a positive impact on the company. If you want to buy gift bags, you can go to the exhibition site to buy, because the companies participating in the exhibition will spare no effort to display the latest products, and there will be a small amount of spot sales, buying prices at the exhibition is more advantageous.
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