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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
Boarding a box is a suitcase that can be taken directly with the plane without checking in. Many people do not know much about boarding a box because they do not often make planes. Today, pesin Outdoor Products Company has sorted out some common questions and answers about boarding the chassis for everyone. Let's get to know them together. 1. What is the difference between luggage case and boarding case? Boarding is a kind of luggage case, but luggage case may not be able to board the plane. The so-called registration box is a travel bag that is only smaller than the airline's regulations and can be taken directly on the plane. If you exceed this size, you must check in your luggage at the check-in counter. Therefore, the so-called boarding case refers to the trolley case that meets a certain size range. The concept of ordinary trolley case is relatively broad, and there are big and small, not necessarily can take the plane with you. 2. Is the size of the boarding case a wheel? The size of the boarding case needs to be counted, because the wheels will take up the same space when checking in. However, the regulations of various airlines may be different. Some airlines have a slightly wider standard, and it is no problem to have a bigger one; However, some airlines are relatively strict and are not allowed to exceed any standards. 3. What is the boarding specification? IATA (International Air Transport Association) The recommended boarding size is generally stipulated that the sum of the three dimensions shall not exceed 115. The regulations of different airlines are different. You can ask the standards of the airlines that will take the flight in advance. Generally speaking, the lower the ticket price, the less free luggage. 4. What are the common sizes for boarding? The common sizes of boarding boxes are all below. Generally speaking, luggage cases of 16, 17, 18 and can be boarded directly, but because the standards of luggage cases are different, therefore, not all 20-inch suitcases can board the plane perfectly. Even some 18-inch and 19-inch suitcases may have to be checked because the length, width and height do not conform to the airline's regulations. 5. What is the weight requirement for boarding? The weight of the general boarding box is 5kg ~ 7 kg, the weight requirement for some airlines on international flights is 10 kg, and the specific weight depends on the airline regulations.
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