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Production process of luggage hardware- Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturer

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-28
The most critical link in the production process of luggage hardware is the production of hardware. If there is no well-designed hardware, it means that the manufacturer will not produce good luggage products or cannot produce luggage products; Then how about the products of a luggage manufacturer, you have to look at the configuration of the hardware, and let's learn about the production process of the luggage hardware. The first step for luggage manufacturers is to make good molds, and the next step is die casting. Die casting machine is a very will use experience of the machine, not ordinary people can operate, why do you say so? Die casting machines generally have different tonnage, and the tonnage of luggage hardware is often about 25 tons. Only experienced masters can operate such die casting machines, because experienced presses will control the intensity of the pressure, if the use of the die casting machine is lighter, it will definitely make the product uneven and smooth, if the use of the force is larger, then it will be found that the burrs of luggage products will increase the cost of electricity for enterprises. Therefore, it is very difficult to hire a good die casting machine master, which can not only reduce the cost of the enterprise, but also make the products as few defective products as possible. The third step is Polishing. When producing luggage hardware, polishing is an important sign that determines whether the luggage can be sold at a good price, especially the hardware for customizing high-grade luggage is as careful as gold plating, if the luggage accessories have a shiny feeling, then a high degree of polishing is required, and then electroplating is carried out. The shiny effect will not appear until the last step is completed, therefore, polishing is an extremely important step for such products that require shiny luggage hardware accessories. The fourth step is to use the foot piece. Friends who use the luggage products very carefully will find that the luggage products will have foot pieces. This is to fix the luggage to make it more durable or more shaped for consumers to like, the two machines that will be used here are stamping machines and tapping machines, and stamping machines are die-casting equipment. Now the production process is improved and gradually replaced by bench drills. The last step is electroplating. Electroplating is also more about the experience of electroplating masters. Too long and decisive electroplating time will have a serious impact on luggage hardware, affecting aesthetics, etc, therefore, it is necessary for the electroplating master to grasp the time during the operation of the electroplating cylinder, and finally the luggage hardware will be sent to the customer after packaging.
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