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Principle and use of trolley case password lock

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-07
It can be said that everyone now has several passwords in his brain, but how many passwords can he remember, so he often forgets the password. Generally, our suitcase will set a password, going out to travel, it is very important to buy a safe trolley suitcase. The combination lock of the trolley case is also very important. It is one of the important indicators for selecting the trolley case. The box is bought back, so how to use the trolley case password lock, how to modify the trolley case password lock? The editor has sorted out a few points for your reference: The password lock of the general trolley luggage is three digits, and today the three-digit password is used as an example, first, three digital wheels and a small plastic gear respectively run through a plastic column. These three plastic gears are the key to how to use the luggage case combination lock. When the three gears are turned to the appropriate positions, the gear bars matched with the three gears are pressed down, the spring at the left end of the gear bar acts, bouncing the gear bar to the right and pushing an upright post on the right to make the combination lock open. When setting the combination lock, the lock must be in the open state. At this time, there is a plastic hook to separate the digital wheel from the plastic gear. Rotating the plastic gear under the Digital wheel does not move and unlocks, the number keys bite with the plastic gear, and the gear moves when the number is rotated. Password setting is complete. In fact, setting the password only changes the matching position of the digital wheel and the plastic gear, and the matching position of the gear bar and the plastic gear will not change. The password lock can have a password. There is a place that can be opened. When the current password is correct, open that place, change the password at the same time, and then let go, let the organ restore, so the password is changed. The suitcase has a password reset. There is a small hole near the password lock or a switch that can be pressed. Use a needle to hold the small hole, or press the switch to reset the password. If you unfortunately forget the password, turn a password bit, because the number of the password is concave, so it is different from the sound of the other 9 numbers. In this way, as long as you keep trying to listen to the different sounds of a password, you can get the password. How about, friends, now know how to set up a password lock and how to repair the password? Very simple? Friends try more.
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