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Precautions for maintenance of leather bags in autumn and winter- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-29
In autumn and winter, due to the particularity of the material of leather bags, if the leather bags are not well maintained, chapped and worn will easily occur, thus affecting the service life of the bags. Therefore, in autumn and winter, everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of their leather bags. Below, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the precautions for the maintenance of leather bags in autumn and winter. Let's learn about it together. 1. Leather bags cannot be washed with water. Although most leather bags are waterproof, they must not be washed with water when cleaning, so as not to affect the quality of bags. Generally speaking, leather bags are mostly cleaned with leather cleaner when cleaning and maintaining. Generally, the mirror cloth for wiping glasses is a cheap and easy-to-use good helper and will not scratch your beloved bag, evenly smeared can restore the luster of the bag. 2. Leather bags should not be exposed to the sun after cleaning. Leather bags should be placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade after cleaning. Don't take them to bask in the sun for quick service, because the cleaned bags, it is the most fragile time that sudden high temperature exposure will cause the bag to fade or the leather to become hard, brittle and easy to break. 3. The metal fittings in leather bags should also pay attention to maintenance. If there are rivet decorations or metal buckles and other materials on the bags, attention must also be paid to the use of metal cleaning agents for careful maintenance, don't let the metal part rust and destroy the overall beauty of the bag. 4. When buying brand-name leather bags, dust bags are usually included. If you are not using the bags, remember to put some newspapers or old clothes in the empty bags and put them into dust bags for storage, avoid folding and heavy pressure when storing, so as not to cause creases or cracks. 5. After the leather bags are cleaned up, for further maintenance, the maintenance oil of some leather bags can be applied to the bags to maintain the texture of the leather, just like people need to apply moisturizer in winter, luggage also needs maintenance. The above is about' Precautions for maintenance of leather bags in autumn and winter' If you don't know how to maintain leather bags, it is recommended to send them to professional luggage shops for maintenance so as not to damage the bags. The customization of luggage is approved by Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Pesin Outdoor Products Company specializes in customizing various luggage and has more than ten years of luggage production experience. Many people have excellent professional teams integrating research and development, production and sales, customized price is calculated according to quantity, printing requirements, etc. Various printing processes can be selected. Customized bags according to customer requirements are trustworthy luggage customization manufacturers!
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