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Points to pay attention to when choosing a healthy backpack- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-21
Backpacks are items that are carried on our backs, so their choices will often affect the health of the bearers. You know, long-term incorrect carrying will not only affect the spine health of the bearers, it can even cause the phenomenon of hunching and affect human health. Therefore, when purchasing a backpack, it is necessary to pay attention to whether all aspects of the backpack are designed reasonably and whether it will affect your health. Below, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the key points that should be paid attention to when purchasing healthy backpacks. Let's get to know them quickly. 1. The material should be light. If the backpack is full of articles, not everyone can afford to carry it. If the backpack itself is heavy, the weight on the backpack will be heavier, this is not only very difficult to use, but also affects the health of the backpack for a long time. It is very undesirable to increase the overall load due to the weight of the backpack itself. Therefore, when purchasing backpacks, attention should be paid to choosing lighter fabrics to reduce the weight of the bags themselves. 2, the strap should be wide, the back bandwidth of the backpack is scientifically based, the wider the backpack strap can increase the stress surface of the shoulder, reduce the partial stress of the shoulder to cause damage to the shoulder. 3, backpack purchase is best to buy shoulder bags, shoulder bags in all backpacks, their health burden is better, especially some teenagers, hope to use a single shoulder or some bad posture backpack, in the long run, bad posture may cause serious impact on the spine and affect the healthy development of teenagers, such as some messenger bags and shoulder bags, some people deliberately lengthen the straps of single shoulder bags and messenger bags because of their good looks, but this makes the backpacks shake continuously, which will put great pressure on the spine for a long time. Therefore, if the backpack is purchased, it is better to choose a backpack. At the same time, when the backpack is carried, pay attention to the correct posture. 4, it is best to have a belt to use the belt to make the backpack closer to the back, the weight of the backpack is evenly removed on the waist bone and the disc bone. Moreover, the belt can fix the backpack at the waist to prevent the backpack from swinging and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders of the carrier. Shoulder Bag purchase should pay attention to health, customization is the case, shoulder bag customization, can be tailored according to the user's body shape, age, one-on-one customization, carrying healthier. Personalized custom backpack, look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company, Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a large-scale backpack, luggage, advertising backpack customization factory, engaged in design, production, sales as one of the comprehensive enterprises, with 6000 m² square meters of production plant and more than 200 skilled lathe workers, the quality control system is perfect, and the production process is checked layer by layer to ensure the high quality and fast efficiency of products, we specialize in customizing a variety of backpacks, welcome to inquire!
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