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Pay attention to health problems through the functional design of luggage | Enterprise News information | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ trolley bag _ bag customization, Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Pro

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
Luggage is one of the essential items for people to travel. Looking around, the pedestrians on the street carry different styles of bags. However, while appreciating and paying attention to the sensory enjoyment brought by these backpacks, we should pay more attention to the functional design of luggage, because these functional designs are closely related to human health. Next, Pesin's small compilation, on this issue, I would like to share with you some information collected on the internet. Here I will mainly analyze the weight, metal chain and air permeability of the bag. I hope everyone will pay attention. First: the weight of the bag. In recent years, the big bag has always been the darling of the fashion T-stage. Many MM also like the big bag with enough capacity. But when choosing a large bag, in addition to choosing the style, fabric and color, have you noticed the weight of the bag? Don't ignore this point. If the bag you choose is too heavy, then when you cross the diagonal or single shoulder for a long time, it will compress the neck muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and involve the cervical spine, therefore, when selecting large bags, do not choose too heavy bags. For example, the hand bag is hung directly on the arm and forearm, probably in the hand. Because one arm is often oppressed, the blood circulation of the arm is poor, and the god is restrained, muscle numbness, which in turn produces chronic pain. Second: the metal chain of the bag. Some people may ask, will metal chains also affect health? Under normal circumstances, metal chains do not do much harm to the human body, but some MM may be allergic to metal at ordinary times, especially in summer when sweating is more likely to be allergic to metal. Therefore, for MM people with sensitive skin at ordinary times, when carrying chain bags out of the door at ordinary times, try not to let the metal chain directly contact their bare skin for a long time, especially when sweating, otherwise, it is really easy to cause skin allergy. Third: the breathability of the bag. Don't look at this small breathability, this is one of the most noteworthy issues. If you don't pay attention to it, it will really affect your health. Nowadays, in summer, many MM like to choose transparent PVC bags. Although PVC transparent bags are very fashionable, PVC generally has poor air permeability. For MM who likes to clip shoulder bags under their armpits frequently, attention should be paid to the fact that Pesin luggage customization reminds you that it is hot in summer, which can easily lead to excessive underarm sweating, while PVC has poor air permeability, so it is easy to cause rash on your body, therefore, when choosing a bag in the summer, the air permeability function of the bag must be paid special attention. For example, choosing a backpack with poor air permeability will cause the backpack to sweat frequently for a long time. Over time, in the case of not changing clothes in time, this phenomenon is easy to cause wind and humidity in old age, and serious back hemiplegia ( Although patients with mild hemiplegia can still move, they often bend their upper limbs, straighten their lower limbs, and walk half a circle of paralyzed lower limbs. In severe cases, they are often bedridden and lose their ability to live. ) This is not alarmist, so entrepreneurs and friends have to consider whether the luggage has this breathable design performance when customizing the luggage. The following small series will share a picture of a breathable Ridge backpack for your reference:
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