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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-08
The exciting National Day holiday is coming. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts will take part in some outdoor hiking activities or extreme adventures during the holidays, what is indispensable is a strong and durable outdoor backpack. If you want the outdoor backpack to play its maximum role, you should pay attention to it when packing items, the following Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you about the Outdoor back packaging tips, and quickly come to understand. 1. When equipping articles, the primary and secondary should be distinguished first. There are many articles to be used outdoors, but the articles should be distinguished according to the use purpose. Common and fragile articles should be placed on them, items that are not commonly used and are resistant to pressure should be placed below. In addition, pay attention to the stability of the center of gravity when packing. The center of gravity of the backpack is high and low. Generally speaking, the heavy items are placed at the top, so that the center of gravity of the backpack is higher, and the carrier can straighten the waist during the process of travel. If you want to climb a mountain with intermediate difficulty, the center of gravity of the backpack must be set lower so that the body can bend through the trees. In general walking, the center of gravity of the backpack can be placed close to the back. 2, according to the texture of different bags, soft texture items (Such as hats, gloves, etc)Used to fill large, hard, tangible items (Such as pots, water bottles, etc)Gap; And hard, irregular objects (Such as headlights, burners, etc)It is best to put it in a set of pots, lunch boxes and other containers. Water and food are placed in the middle of the backpack. Water and food account for a large proportion of all items. It is better to place water in the middle of the backpack, which makes the center of gravity of the whole backpack higher than the middle, this will have the best comfort. Clothes and sleeping bags should be placed at the bottom as far as possible. Compression bags are not recommended. It is better to put clothes on the lower layer of the backpack so as to compress the space occupied by clothes as much as possible, it can also be conveniently taken from the bottom bin when needed. 3, the details are worth noting, be sure to relax the outer strap and shrink belt on the backpack before loading, so that the space inside the backpack is fully displayed. Be sure to tighten the shrink band after filling the items to reinforce the items in the bag; If the backpack fabric is thin or there are many external supplies, try to use the backpack cover to protect the equipment and the bag body. Compared with the expensive backpack, it is acceptable to lose several cheap backpack covers. Finally, it is also necessary to pay attention to the hard items not to be placed on the back. Otherwise, if it is an inner backpack, it will be directly against the back and uncomfortable, and even hurt the back when it falls; Develop the habit of placing at a fixed point: not only can you organize your backpack faster, but you can also find what you want in the backpack even if it is dark. Try to reduce unnecessary hanging outside the backpack, because it will not only affect the safety of action but also not beautiful. Outdoor travel to take care of backpacks is a skill and knowledge. Don't underestimate it. If the back packaging is well packed, it will not only allow your items to be fully contained, it is easy to take out when you use it, and it can also reduce the pressure of the backpack on your body. It seems that it is impossible to fill a backpack without learning. More information in Pesin Outdoor Products Company! If you need to customize Outdoor backpacks, you can directly call our Pesin official website for free. Our Pesin Outdoor Products Company factory was established in 2004 and has 14 years of experience in luggage, whether it is a mountaineering bag, an outdoor backpack, a sports bag, etc. , we all accept the design of the drawings and samples, the strength is guaranteed, and it is worthy of your trust!
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