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Notes on luggage samples

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
Luggage gifts more and more meet the needs of customers' promotional activities, especially customized bags, which determine the size and grade of luggage gifts according to the enterprise's own promotional positioning. Therefore, the initial luggage samples are particularly important, now let's talk about the matters needing attention in the relevant luggage samples in detail. I. Detailed information of luggage samples, finished luggage products, and sent to customers for confirmation after proofing are all detailed information of luggage. Brand, name, model, color, specification, material, origin, quality inspector, Implementation Standard, bar code, retail price, factory service hotline, this is a professional luggage manufacturer, the formal information of the label is displayed. Second, the luggage samples and information should be complete. The sample is the way for customers to check the luggage factory, so the luggage factory sent not only a product, but also the strength level of the whole luggage factory, whether the sample is complete and the information is complete, it is about the specific scale of the customer's inspection factory. For example, a factory that can't even make samples, how to do a good job? Of course, customers are not at ease to hand over orders to the factory. Therefore, the samples sent by the factory must be neat products, tested by the engineering department and submitted to the test report. The samples sent should include one product manual, two detailed product recognition books, one for customers to sign back, and two or more business cards, ensure that customers can directly contact the relevant person in charge. Third, the bag sample must have its own brand. Many people may ask, will this not affect the appearance of the sample? It does affect the appearance of the sample, but only by doing so can people know which factory the sample belongs to. In the process of confirming the sample, as long as someone picks up the sample, they will see the brand of their factory. At the same time of facilitating customers, it can help the factory to better publicize, which is the effect that business cards cannot produce. Pesin Outdoor Products Company was established in 2004 and has been established for more than 12 yearsApollo's Dream'Brand manufacturer. We have been committed to the development, design, production and sales of luggage, and have our own professional factories to provide valuable personalized luggage customization services for the vast number of enterprises, the company mainly produces customized business backpacks, travel backpacks, shoulder computer bags, briefcases, shoulder bags, luggage case, trolley backpacks, advertising promotional backpacks, etc. It is designed and customized according to customer requirements, and supports drawing and sample customization, the quality of the products is reliable, and it is your trustworthy luggage customization manufacturer!
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