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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
Customized mountaineering bags naturally choose professional mountaineering bag manufacturers, but we often don't know where the profession can be seen. First look at the professional mountaineering bag, one is the qualification, the second is the product. If you check out the quality of each process of the mountaineering bag manufacturer from the product? Pesin mountaineering bag manufacturers secret mountaineering bag custom craft. The sewing process of the mountaineering bag must be done. The basic sewing process: sewing is the main means of connecting the parts and components of the product. Only by sewing can the scattered parts and parts be assembled into a complete product, and the sewing process is the main part in the operation process of luggage products. Before sewing the mountaineering bag, open the cardboard--Material opening--Three processes on the table. Second, other crafts of custom-made mountaineering bags 1. Custom logo: Under normal circumstances, when the needle is placed at the bottom/around the logo, it is 3-4 needle and thread lines one inch 8- 9 needles require smooth and smooth lines. 2. Bone pulling: the mouth of the child should be uniform, the corner position should not be wrinkled, and the four corners should be evenly wrapped with aggregates to be close to the bone core, and no bone breakage should occur. 3. Front bag: The front pinhole must be covered, and the needle should be placed in the middle of the head or bottom. The four corners of the bag should be parallel to the left and right. 4. Upper chain: the sub-mouth should be uniform and uniform, with special attention to the direction of the upper zipper. The chain stickers coming out of the car should be flat and not wavy. 5. Car Velcro: the car line is unified to the hook, the raw edge, parallel up and down, can not be skewed. 6. Hemming: The Hemming mouth should not have large and thin edges, discount, and the corner of the puncture phenomenon should be round. 7. Cover head: for the needle position car, it should be balanced, and the straight line should not be skewed. 8. Side bag: pay attention to the direction of the slider. When pulling the zipper, the slider is in the front direction, and the bag should be square at Four Corners and parallel up and down. 9. Car strap: pay special attention to the square card and the center line. Generally, the length of the square card is 1. , The center line must pass through the intersection point, can not be bent, the two sides of the square card should be evenly unified, and finally the needle and thread should be overlapped. 10. Car triangle ribbon: Under normal circumstances, the ribbon that does not play the square card is put into the triangle material for half an inch, and the square card ribbon is put into the triangle material for. The rest is special. Customized mountaineering bags carefully check the quality of mountaineering bags from the above two aspects, which is the maintenance of their own brand image. Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom-made manufacturers have been specializing in luggage customization for more than ten years. It is your trustworthy luggage customization manufacturer.
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