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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
With the improvement of people's quality of life, outdoor life has also increased, and mountaineering bags are therefore highly sought after, so the choice of mountaineering bags has also attracted more and more attention. The most important factor in judging the quality of a mountaineering bag is its carrying system and performance. Needless to say, the performance of the mountaineering bag is the most basic, I think everyone is aware. Today, the mountaineering bag customization manufacturer will take you to understand the carrying system of the mountaineering bag. The carrying system of the mountaineering bag includes: double back shoulder strap, belt, chest strap, force adjustment belt, carrying support mechanism and adjustment device. In the design of mountaineering bags with excellent carrying system performance, not only ventilation but also stress transmission should be considered, as well as carrying comfort and bearing strength. The carrying adjustment mechanism of the mountaineering bag has two Adjustment points, the first adjustment point is at the shoulder root, and the second is to install the adjustment device on the belt. These two adjustments can firm the backpack and the human body together, do not shake during exercise and affect the activity, and can also adjust the foot width of the back according to the height and shoulder width of the backpack. The shoulder straps of professional mountaineering bags are all attached with stress belts, and one or two sets of adjustment fulcrum are set. Their function is to adjust the distance between the back and the shoulder and bear the gravity on the upper part of the backpack: the wide belt of the mountaineering bag can make the gravity of the backpack act on the waist evenly: the chest strap can adjust the opening distance of the double shoulder straps, enhance the stability of the backpack, and facilitate breathing. The most important thing in the carrying system is the bracket of the mountaineering bag, which is the essence of the mountaineering bag! Just look at whether the carrying system is doing well and the structure is perfect, you can determine whether this mountaineering bag is worth buying. At present, the carrying system of mountaineering bags sold in the market is mainly divided into TT-type structure and more complicated'bigpack” TCS carrying system and m APS system. No matter how the structure of the carrying system changes, its purpose is to make the weight of the mountaineering bag be reasonably distributed on people, so as to reduce the burden on people, that is, human body function. The so-called carrying system is simply to conform to the ratio of shoulder width to height of the human body, to fit the back of the human body, so that the body feels breathable and does not press the body. These can be mainly experienced according to their own feelings, you can also choose to customize a mountaineering bag with adjustable shoulder width and length. It is more convenient to customize the mountaineering bag. The method of customizing the mountaineering bag is most suitable for enterprises to choose employee welfare products. The above is the knowledge of mountaineering bags that Pesin Outdoor Products Company has customized manufacturers to help you scientifically popularize from the mountaineering carrying system. The so-called'Read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles' The rest also requires you to experience the wild charm brought by mountaineering bags in practice.
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