Mountaineering bag customization company teaches you how to pack?

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-30
Quanzhou Pesin Travel Products Co. , Ltd. has been specialized in luggage customization for more than 10 years, and mountaineering bag customization service has become one of the company's key businesses with the domestic tourism fever. In the maintenance of cooperative enterprises, Pesin found that after the enterprise customized the mountaineering bag, it did not study the use of the mountaineering bag very well, thus affecting the use experience of the mountaineering bag. The mountaineering bag is specially designed to make the carrier more comfortable and enjoyable during the trip. Therefore, mountaineering bags are increasingly combining the principles of human mechanics and studying how to better breathe. This is the basic performance of mountaineering bags. Those who carry mountaineering bags outside should also know how to use mountaineering bags in order to have a better carrying experience and make traveling easier! 1. When filling things, not all items are thrown into the backpack. Learn to use irregular small space, such as stuffing the socks into the zipper bag, etc. , while trying not to carry hard heavy objects and less external, it is best to bring more things that are multi-purpose. After the bag is finished, try to make the mountaineering bag stand up. 2. Pay attention to the weight configuration and adjust the weight difference. The lighter items are on the lower side and the heavier ones are on the upper side, so generally speaking, the lower items are sleeping bags or lighter items for changing clothes, and then the upper half is cut straight from the middle, the heaviest one is placed on the inner side near the shoulder and neck area, while the lighter one is placed on the outer side. In principle, the backpack is packed from bottom to top, and filled layer by layer, with the same weight on the left and right sides, and do not have too large a gap when filling, so as not to affect the stability of the backpack. 3, men and women backpacks are treated differently. Because the upper body of the male body is longer and the upper body of the female body is shorter but the legs are longer, carefully choose the appropriate backpack. When loading, the weight of the boy is higher, and the center of gravity of the boy is close to the chest, the girl's center of gravity is close to the abdomen, and the heavy items are as close to the back as possible to make the weight higher than the waist. Doing a good job of bagging mountaineering bags will make your trip comfortable and relaxed with as many items as possible, don't let things fill up without putting a few bags or feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Easy travel begins with attention to details!
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