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Luggage manufacturers choose 'syndrome', Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers to help-Pesin Out

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Pesin Outdoor Products Company, as a professional luggage manufacturer, often meets some customers from search engines, advertising introduction, telephone and other channels. Many of the questions related to the consultation are different, but there are many questions that have specific answers. The following are some related questions compiled by Xiao Bian. I hope I can give you some help. Question 1: Let's go straight to the factory location. There are a few customers, some through search engines, search keywords into our official website, and some through advertising. There are almost a few customers every week. Click on our official website and ask the factory directly. It is not correct to close the dialogue directly when asked about the location of the factory. If you want to find a powerful manufacturer, at least when you first enter the website, you should have a general understanding of the manufacturer's website, and then ask about the specific situation. This is not suitable, it is convenient to compare with the next luggage factory. Question 2: blind area'Local factory'Is good, is convenient. After answering the customer's factory location, most customers will have a blind spot. 'The local factory is' Is good, is convenient, in fact, this is quite a blind area. Although the local factory is convenient to contact, it is also convenient to talk about noodles, and even can go to the factory to observe, but don't forget a key point, the luggage manufacturers pay attention to the establishment of years, experience, strength, this is what should be paid more attention to, because the quality of bags is very important. Question 3: There is no specific number of bags. When looking for and selecting luggage manufacturers, there are also such a relatively small number of customers that there is no specific number of bags. Without a specific quantity, I began to look for luggage manufacturers on the internet. I finally took a fancy to a good luggage manufacturer, but I was rejected because there was no specific quantity. While consuming manpower and energy, it also wastes time. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare specific data when selecting luggage manufacturers. Question 4: as soon as I came up, I asked about the price of the bags. Among the many customers who consulted, there were also many who asked about the specific price of the bags. This consultation is very abrupt. First of all, if you want to know the specific quotation, you need to have a sample package or sample package picture first, followed by the customized quantity and style requirements, such as whether LOGO needs to be printed, what more needs to be added to the luggage function, and finally the price. Xiaobian is here, more information can be found on the official website of our Pesin Outdoor Products Company. If you are concerned about luggage customization, you are always welcome to call our official website for free.
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