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Luggage gift customization--The second stage of the brand that cannot be ignored- Pesin Outdoor Products

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-25
According to China's traditional cultural concept, the Spring Festival is naturally a day of courtesy and friendship. For enterprises, it is naturally an important festival for enterprises to communicate with consumers and cooperate with customers. Through the annual meeting of enterprises, it is an indispensable annual meeting project for many enterprises to invite partners and fans to have in-depth interaction and further strengthen brand culture. Among the many gift choices for the annual meeting, choosing some external gifts, so that the recipients can further enhance the brand influence when they use it is the preferred gift for many enterprises. For example, luggage is a frequently used travel tool in daily life. It is often used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, tourist attractions and other places with relatively large traffic. The customization of luggage is printed with the brand mark of luggage ( Corporate LOGO, slogan, luggage design, etc) , Let the recipient invisibly act as'Living mobile advertising' The role of the company has naturally become an excellent brand promotion channel for enterprises. Therefore, it is more practical and has'Mobile advertising' The effect of custom bags has become a favorite gift for many companies. For example, Coca-Cola, Dell, Ping An, TCL and other industry leading brands that the public are familiar with, on the one hand, they will choose all-round advertising such as print and video to enhance their brand influence. At the same time, they will also choose to customize bags that conform to the corporate culture to further display their brand image, further strengthen their status in the minds of consumers, and form'Buy ** and come **'The brand thinking set. If the rigid advertisement is the first stage of the brand image display, then the external gifts similar to the customized bags are the second stage of the corporate brand image display. However, the reality is that many luggage customization factories lack industry standards, and the quality of luggage customization products is mixed. For enterprises, only by choosing a powerful luggage customization factory with many years of processing and customization experience and long-term cooperation with big brand enterprises can they be orderly in management and more exquisite in quality. If you choose to customize the luggage, you can choose the well-known Pesin Outdoor Products Company in the industry to customize. Pesin has 11 years of experience in luggage customization service, has served China Mobile, Coca-Cola, Dell, Ping An, Lexus, Futian Automobile, Red Bull and other major brands, and has maintained long-term cooperative relations with these enterprises. Zeng Won many awards such as the Quanzhou Universiade designated gift award. Choosing the leader of the luggage customization industry, the customized luggage can naturally add points to the enterprise brand, so that the brand has more exposure, and it is bound to further enhance the product market share.
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