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Luggage folding process, 80% of people do not know- Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-24
Wrinkle is one of the common expression elements in the design and production process of luggage. With the fashion and quality of people's life, more and more luggage designers show the artistic and practical functions of luggage shapes through wrinkle design. The wrinkle of the bag has a variety of modeling performances such as flower type, organ type and dumpling type, and the production methods of various wrinkles are different, it can be roughly divided into six types of processes: Single pleat, pleat, back pleat, pass pleat, dead pleat and rubber band. The technical performance of wrinkles is usually affected by various elements such as the fabric and texture of luggage, luggage style and wrinkle spacing. In the design of luggage, the commonly used wrinkle processes can be divided into six types: single pleat, touch pleat, back pleat, pass pleat, dead pleat and rubber band pulling. Different types of wrinkle processes, the production method is also different. 1. Single pleat, single wrinkle is a wrinkle formed by folding three pleat positions with adjacent spacing in one direction. The manufacturing method of the single pleat process is to place three pleat positions with adjacent spacing on the edge of the fabric, and then use the middle pleat position as the central axis to fold from the pleat position on one side to the other pleat position, the two pleats on both sides are stacked to form a wrinkle. 2. Pleating, pleating is to make 2 folds in the same position. The direction is opposite, and the two wrinkles touch each other. The pleating process is to make 2 single pleats in the opposite direction. 3. Back pleats, back pleats are two folds at the same position, in opposite directions, forming a certain distance between the two folds. The pleating process is to make 2 single pleats in the opposite direction. 4. Through pleat, back pleat is the edge pleat point up and down or left and right at the same pleat position line, and creases together at the same time, which can be in the same direction continuously or in different or opposite directions. 5. Dead pleats dead pleats are parts or all of the pleats that are sewn with thread and cannot be moved. 6. The rubber band crease the rubber band crease process is to use the rubber band elasticity and the fabric to sew together to shrink and form a regular wrinkle effect. Luggage folds are a popular custom craft in the past two years. If you want to customize the craft folds, please look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company, established in 2004, has been only doing luggage customization for 12 years and has 12 years of experience in luggage customization. It is a comprehensive luggage factory integrating design, production, sales and production, committed to providing high-quality luggage customization services, serving many large domestic and foreign enterprise customers, word of mouth guarantee, trustworthy!
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