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Luggage customization should know these contents in advance- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
Many customers do not understand the relevant matters of luggage customization, and often need to customize a certain bag, and then rush to find manufacturers to inquire, it turns out that many things in the communication process are not as simple as imagined, and many things need to be prepared in advance. So, what should be known in advance about luggage customization? Let's take a look at what Pesin Outdoor Products Company said. 1. The number of customizations should be decided in advance. Many people think that the customization of bags is how much they want to do. They can do it as long as they order it. In fact, it is not, the production of luggage can only be made according to the overall cooperation of the production notice according to the process. If you know the luggage customization process and procurement process, you will know the minimum order quantity required for luggage customization. The average manufacturer's minimum order quantity will not be less than 300. If the customized quantity is lower than the manufacturer's minimum order quantity, it will be a big trouble for the factory, so the factory will be very unwilling to accept the order. Even if the factory receives the order, some processes may be difficult to complete, because some processes in the luggage production process are completed by the upstream and downstream factories on the industrial chain. If the order is too small, the upstream and downstream factories are difficult to cooperate, manufacturers will not accept orders, even if orders are received, the customized unit price is also very high. 2. Styles and materials should be determined in advance. In luggage customization, styles and materials directly determine the customized price. There are many materials and styles available for luggage customization, if the customizer does not understand the material, you can choose the style in advance, and then find the luggage manufacturer to communicate, let them recommend the appropriate material according to their own budget range, which can save a lot of time in selecting materials. 3. The LOGO style of luggage customization should be set in advance. In luggage customization, the choice of LOGO style is very important. Why do enterprises need to customize luggage specially for the sake of corporate image and publicity? Therefore, when customizing bags, LOGO styles should be set in advance. Common luggage customization LOGO processes include embroidery, silk screen printing, glue dripping cards, hardware cards, etc. Different manufacturing processes have different display effects. In general, the size of the embroidery LOGO should be moderate to ensure the embroidery density (The number of needles should be enough) Silk screen LOGO is more suitable for LOGO with single color. Glue dropping LOGO requires a large number of customizations. Hardware LOGO is usually of high grade and can show the finishing touch. The display effect of Enterprise LOGO made by different technologies is also different, and of course the price is also different. Therefore, before customizing bags, relevant technologies can be used to design LOGO with different effects, for subsequent selection. The customization of luggage is approved by Pesin Outdoor Products Company. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has focused on the customization of luggage for more than ten years and has rich experience in luggage processing and production. The core production team has an average industry experience of more than 10 years and the factory is fully equipped, with independent design and development capabilities, professional customization of personalized backpacks for customers, serving many big-name enterprises, good reputation is trustworthy!
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