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Luggage customization should be careful with factory routines- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
Luggage customization has been a long-lasting new favorite in the gift industry in recent years. Many enterprises have chosen to customize personalized enterprise luggage as employee benefits or customer gifts after realizing the significance of luggage customization. Therefore, in recent years, luggage customization has been quite popular. However, although the luggage customization is good, the small Editor of Pesin Outdoor Products Company should remind everyone:' Luggage customization should be careful of factory routines'What is going on here? Take a look at the following introduction. 1. Strength is true or false. Thanks to the development of the Internet, many enterprise procurement personnel are used to looking for manufacturers on the Internet, but the continuous development of the information age has also created some false information, there are many manufacturers on the internet who boast their own strength in the sky, but in fact they are very cheating. Therefore, purchasing personnel want to know whether the manufacturers have complete production capacity, that may wish to field the the said to good all Why Don't seeing is believing. If there is really no condition to go on-the-spot investigation, you should also choose the one with better reputation on the internet. Manufacturers should not choose what they boast about, and purchasing personnel should also learn to distinguish between true and false information, in order to choose a suitable manufacturer. 2. Don't think that the low price is a good manufacturer. The price is a matter of great concern to the purchasing staff. Many people hear the lower price when communicating with the manufacturer, the heart will be faster. However, the more professional the luggage manufacturer is, the more cautious the quotation will be, and the quotation will never be given casually. Generally, it is necessary to fully understand the customer's needs, and then the valuation will be given after the nuclear material is removed according to the customer's needs, the exact price will not be given until proofing. Therefore, the purchasing staff should not excessively lower the price, and the price of bags with good quality will be higher. If you encounter some bag factories with deep routines, you want to get this order, will secretly discount on materials and quality. 3. Pay attention to the delivery period. Regular professional luggage factories will arrange the production plan reasonably and cooperate with the customer's delivery period as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the product quality. However, in the luggage customization industry, it is not uncommon for some luggage factories to use various excuses to delay the delivery period. When the factory repeatedly delays the delivery period, it is the best way to use the purchase and sale contract to defend the rights. Is the luggage customization still annoying to find a factory? Choosing Pesin Outdoor Products Company, quality and delivery period are all assured. As a benchmark enterprise in Guangdong luggage customization industry, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been focusing on the production and research and development of backpacks, committed to providing valuable luggage customization service!
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