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Luggage customization manufacturers teach you to identify the quality of bags- Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
In the new era, publicity is everywhere, and people are increasingly pursuing the quality of life and yearning for being different. 'Customization' Representing personality and uniqueness, it has gradually become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, becoming a household name, and even rising to a life attitude and way. Life needs to be customized,'Customization' Extending to all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation, like a virus, it is changing the trajectory of business development. Life cannot be separated from luggage, and travel cannot be separated from luggage, so personalized customization of luggage has quietly emerged. With the discovery of the times, people's needs have long been turned into their own individual needs, and the quality of the bag is strict. So how do enterprises judge the quality of bags? Next, let Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian teach you to identify the quality of the bag. First, the quality of a bag is good or bad, we have to start with the material of the bag. Distinguish the material of the bag, including cloth, PU, PVC, leather and other materials. The cloth bag is very good to judge, and the difference in quality can be felt through the hand feeling. Generally, the soft, tough and fine texture is a good material; The cortex is mainly leather, PU leather and PVC. At present, most bags are made of PU leather or PVC fabric; Due to limited resources and relatively expensive materials, genuine leather is mostly used in luxury bags. Most of the common bags on the market are made of PU leather or PVC, which is soft and resistant to dirt. Second, it depends on the workmanship of the bag. Whether a bag is good or not can be seen by looking at the stereoscopic impression in your hand, whether it is symmetrical or not, and whether it can give people a sense of beauty. This requires that the skill requirements of the lathe workers are higher in the process of customizing the bag. See if the sewing of the bag is fine, if there is any excess outside the connection of the bag, if the inside of the bag and the sewing of the hand strap are distorted, pull the zipper a few times to see if it is smooth and whether the whole zipper is wrinkled. If it is not smooth, the bag body is slightly twisted. At the same time, look at the oil side of the bag, whether there is a package, whether the oil side is uniform, etc. Third, look at the hardware accessories of the bag. Usually, the hardware accessories on the bag of good quality are very bright. The hardware accessories on the bag of poor quality look only rough plating, not polished, and the surface is not smooth, and the color is not pure. Other decorations, such as diamonds, are strong and the color is not correct. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademarks are polished after fine steel plating, which is not easy to oxidize or rust. For some women who control bags, they usually need to learn more and observe more. If they have the opportunity, they can go to the bag manufacturers on the spot to have a look! Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization manufacturer, with 13 years of luggage customization experience, is the most important for the quality control of bags. If you are also looking for a bag customization manufacturer, you can call for advice, or visit our factory on the spot, we welcome you at any time!
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