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Luggage brand--Future hegemony in the luggage industry- Pesin Outdoor Products Compa

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Today, with the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing a quality life. No matter we walk in noisy vegetable markets, fashionable commodity streets, office business districts, large supermarkets or streets and lanes, you can always see a bag or back, or clip, or, or in the hands of people. At present, China is the world's largest leather manufacturing country. However, China's light leather processing industry has always been ranked first in the world, so the export volume of China's leather products has also ranked first in the light industry for many years. As a big country of luggage consumption and production, although various enterprises can fully rely on the advantages of domestic sales and export, there is no Chinese brand comparable to international luggage brands? The vision brought by the luggage brand is enough to marvel at the bags that are full of brand personality and conform to their own status. They are already indispensable portable belongings in modern life. A favorite bag is beyond the scope of accessories for women, and is more used to show women's charm and taste. Therefore, when a woman is the embodiment of beauty, she will never abandon her own bags. She always buys and buys again! We know that China's luggage industry has experienced rapid development for more than 20 years, and more than 20 thousand luggage enterprises across the country have produced 1/3 of the world's luggage. It can be seen that China is not only the leader of luggage production, but also a big consumer! However, China's luggage brand is still not world-famous. After seeing the potential of business opportunities and luggage brands, some investors are scrambling to choose the largest portal in China (Global Franchise Network) I have conducted detailed consultation and investigation to find the best opportunity for myself to start a business. As various domestic luggage enterprises attach great importance to creating brand connotation, many luggage enterprises gradually realize the added value of the brand and its influence on product sales, so on the premise of ensuring product quality, focus on expanding the popularity of the brand market and quickly occupy market share. In accordance with the continuous development and changes of the market, the perfect Franchise mode and mature brand management will drive more investors to base themselves on Chinese luggage brands and stride forward to push local brands to the world, let China's luggage brand stand on the top of the world's luggage industry, dazzling and bright!
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