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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
Everyone has a backpack, but not everyone can really use it. Xiaobian basically sees the waist of the backpack no less than ten times. Correct use, maintenance, cleaning and collection of backpacks can effectively reduce their service life. The following Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturers are popular for everyone. 'Backpack use and maintenance tips'. 1. Backpack shoulder method, back heavy bag shoulder also has skills. Put the backpack at a certain height and enter the shoulder strap. It is more convenient to lean forward and stand on your legs. If you can't put it in a high place, lift the backpack with both hands. On one knee (Facing the strap). Then one hand controls the bag, the other hand grabs the shoulder strap and quickly rotates, so that one arm enters the shoulder strap, so that the other arm enters much easier. 2. The backpack walking method is to tighten the belt of the backpack when walking, so that the crotch is subject to the maximum gravity, and the shoulder strap should be relaxed, so that the top of the shoulder strap is 45-60 degrees. It's very easy to walk like you don't have anything on your back. If there are more or all heavy objects, they can be placed evenly. The chest strap should be buckled and tightened so that the backpacker does not have a feeling of falling back. Pull the adjustment belt between the shoulder strap and the backpack with both hands when moving. The body leans forward slightly, so the gravity when walking is actually in the waist and crotch, and the back has no pressure. In case of emergency, the upper limbs can be handled flexibly. 3. The key points of knapsack operation are to operate according to the correct upper and lower knapsack procedures. If the knapsack structure is not operated according to the procedures, the stress of the knapsack structure will be uneven. If the knapsack is light, the effect of weight sharing will be reduced, and if the knapsack is heavy, the knapsack structure will be damaged; Try to lend the backpack to others as little as possible: the backpack bracket will be more and more in line with your own back curve. If you lend the backpack, it is likely to be re-adjusted and adapted. 4. The backpack care method does not drop the backpack, pack a solid backpack, the tension of the suture is already quite tight, if the backpack is very rude at this time, or accidentally falls, it is easy to break the suture or damage the buckle. Iron hard equipment does not stick to backpack cloth: tableware, pot group, and other hard materials if close to backpack cloth, as long as the surface of the backpack is slightly rubbed against the hard rock wall, the railing will easily wear the backpack cloth. In the process of handling, be careful to buckle the webbing accessories: Often when you get on and off the backpack, there will be some pulling conditions, so when the backpack is on the bus, you should pay attention to whether the waist buckle is buckled, and some backpacks have soft waist buckles, the lower half of the backpack can be buckled in the opposite direction. The belts of some backpacks are supported by hard plastic plates, which cannot be discounted in the opposite direction. It is easy to crack. It is better to cover the backpack with a backpack cover so as not to entangle the webbing with other backpacks, damage the backpack during pulling. During the camping period, the backpack should be closed to prevent small animals such as mice from stealing food and small ants. At night, you must use a backpack cover to cover the backpack. Even in sunny weather, the dew will still wet the backpack. During the snow period, the backpack can be used as the door of the snow hole. If it is packed or crawled in the woods or bushes, it is more suitable to lower the center of gravity.
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