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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
At present, the luggage on the market can be divided into two types: soft box and hard box according to different material characteristics. Soft box and hard box have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, many people don't know which one to choose when they buy. Next, listen to Pesin Outdoor Products Company's small editor's answer to this question. Soft boxes and hard boxes have their own characteristics. Because consumers have different preferences for luggage, it is still difficult to draw a conclusion by comparing the two. As for which kind of luggage is easier to use, the key depends on the preferences of consumers. Consumers say that it is really good. Trunk soft boxes are generally made of cloth materials. Due to the good extensibility of cloth materials, the space elasticity of luggage made is better, when loading luggage, it can be loaded a little full, but because the overall material of the cloth is soft, it can't protect the contents of the box, the overall appearance of the suitcase is not as fashionable as the hard box material, but the applicability of the soft box is better. The anti-fall and wear resistance of the soft box is much higher than that of the hard box, even if it is the rough handling of the airport, the soft box is also more able to stand the test. The soft box with a slightly better material has no problem for a few years. The overall cost performance is relatively high. The hard boxes are made of PC, ABS, PVC, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. The hard boxes made of these materials are relatively stylish, compressive and waterproof, it can protect the items in the box from being squeezed and is very convenient to clean. Moreover, there are many choices of hard box appearance patterns, colors, shapes, etc. , so it is more favored by consumers in the market. However, the hard box also has many shortcomings. Generally speaking, the weight of the hard box body is generally heavier than that of the soft box, and the space is not flexible, relatively fixed, and too much luggage cannot be placed. Moreover, the hard box is easier to scratch, especially the aluminum-magnesium alloy material, which is super easy to scratch, thus affecting the appearance. Whether it is a hard box or a soft box, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers with different preferences have different degrees of preference for soft boxes and hard boxes. In general, consumers are the best. Trolley case customization, look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization factory! It has been 14 years since the establishment of Pesin Outdoor Products Company. It not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and version rooms with perfect production equipment, but also has professional R & D designers and skilled production Masters, trolley case quality is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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