In the summer travel season, have you booked your travel bags -? Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-03
In July, many parts of the country have started summer vacations one after another, which means that the summer tourism market will begin to heat up, the popularity of the tourism market will also directly drive the development of the travel luggage market. After all, when you go out to play, it is indispensable to travel bags equipped with luggage. So, in the summer travel season, if you have a travel plan, have you booked your travel bags? If not, let's take a look at what styles of travel bags and bags Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers recommend to you. 1, colorful candy-colored leisure backpack, summer go out to play the hot sun is easy to make people angry, and colorful candy-colored leisure backpack can add a touch of refreshing summer, bag fresh and natural color matching, more suitable for playing and taking pictures. In addition, the backpack is light but not lost. 'Belly volume' Lightweight material selection, bag carrying is easier, large size space design, one pack can handle all travel items, making your travel more convenient. 2, 20-inch candy-colored PC trolley case, this candy-colored 20-inch PC trolley case, classic candy stitching color design, beautiful and playful color, stylish and lively appearance. Made of pure PC material, it is durable and has remarkable waterproof effect; With silicone automatic return handle, it is not easy to damage, easy to carry on the road, and set up the international customs TSA lock, reduce the inspection time, prevent the lock from breaking the box and damaging the box, scattered luggage. If you choose to fly when you go out to play, the size and weight of your luggage are stipulated. If it exceeds the regulations of the airline, you have to go through the troublesome luggage check-in procedures, as long as the weight of the luggage loaded in this luggage case does not exceed the standard, it can be taken directly to the plane, which is very convenient. 3, ultra-light outdoor leisure backpack, if going out to play involves basic outdoor activities, the backpack should be biased towards professional outdoor backpacks, so that it can be more convenient to use in the outdoor environment. This leisure backpack is made of jacquard nylon as the main material. It is light, wear-resistant and waterproof. It has a large capacity partition design. At the same time, it also makes the items well organized. The overall version is designed for sports and leisure, giving people light weight without losing vitality, the feeling of ease and comfort is more suitable for some basic outdoor activities. For professional outdoor activities, other more professional outdoor backpacks should be selected. The above is a brief introduction of summer travel bags by Pesin Outdoor Products Company. If you want more personalized exclusive travel bags, you may as well come to Pesin Outdoor Products Company for exclusive customization, pesin Outdoor Products Company was established in 2004. It is a luggage customization service provider integrating design, research and development, production and processing. It specializes in customizing travel bags for various groups, and provide a number of travel luggage customization programs to choose from, is your best luggage partner.
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