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How to maintain the backpack zipper everyday -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-23
The backpack zipper is one of the important accessories of the backpack. The quality of the backpack zipper sometimes directly affects the service life of the entire backpack, and many people will abandon the entire backpack because of the zipper problem. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the backpack zipper, so as not to waste the entire backpack due to the zipper problem. Today, Pesin luggage manufacturers will tell you how to maintain the daily zipper of backpacks. Let's learn about it together. 1, usually use, pay attention to whether there is a zipper'Broken belly','Tooth removal' , Skew and other problems, these problems should be repaired in time, do not pull hard. If the zipper is loose and toothed, use a small hammer to gently tap the zipper head a few times to make the upper and lower chain teeth bite tightly, and the teeth will not be removed. 2. The zipper of aluminum alloy is relatively easy to be corroded, so it should be kept dry and not damp, so as to prevent the aluminum teeth from generating white oxide, which will also cause the zipper to rust for a long time and affect the use, at the same time, care should also be taken not to contact with alkaline and acidic substances. Ensure certain ventilation during storage, do not seal and store in a humid environment, and use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier when necessary. If the zipper is damp, pull it up; At this time, first dry the zipper, then apply some wax to the teeth of the zipper, and then bake it with fire, so that it is very lubricated. 3. When pulling the zipper, first align the teeth on both sides, then pinch the zipper head and gently pull it forward along the track. Do not pull it hard to avoid'Teeth skewed','Broken belly'And'Tooth removal'. If the zipper is awkward and the pull is not flexible, you can wipe it with a cloth first. Teeth'Apply a layer of white wax. 4. Do not fill up all kinds of bags, pockets or wallets with zippers, otherwise zippers will easily cause'Broken belly','Tooth removal', Skew and soft cloth. The above is about' How to maintain the backpack zipper everyday' In addition to paying attention to maintenance, the correct use method is also very important. The correct use of daily maintenance can effectively increase the service life of the zipper, if you still don't know anything, please call Pesin Outdoor Products Company's toll-free hotline for details.
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