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How to distinguish the customized quality of the air box -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
Air box customization is very famous now. Enterprises now almost choose high-functional bags such as air boxes and aluminum alloy boxes for product packaging, especially in the increasingly frequent cross-border trade, the air box has also played a role in ensuring transportation safety. In addition, high-tech equipment such as medical equipment, audio-visual system multimedia, photoelectric industry, military transportation packaging and military equipment transportation are also widely used in the field of air box customization. It is very difficult to customize the air box, which makes it difficult for us to find the air box manufacturer. First of all, we should first learn to identify the quality points of the air box, in order to take the road. How to distinguish the customized quality of the air box? We start from the following three points: first, the air box custom-made main material air box in the use of materials, the high quality use of the main material is all aluminum, aluminum block, pure PC material, etc. , must be higher than the industry standard, at least not below industry standards. For example, the air box on the upper layer of the quality will have a thickness of more than 9mm, generally 12mm, which is a five-layer splint that meets the standard, so its strength is relatively high. In order to reduce the material cost, inferior quality often uses a three-layer plate with a thickness of only 7mm, which has a relatively short service life and a particularly poor impact resistance. Second, air box customized accessories air box customized common accessories are 160 spring handle, butterfly lock, ball wrap angle, wrap angle, angle aluminum, wheel socket, casters, upper and lower M-shaped aluminum, U strip, etc, good accessories can make the aviation box more firm. In addition, there are some reinforcing parts outside the aviation box, such as the L-shaped bracket, which can make the whole box of the aviation box more firm. For example, waterproof rubber pad, it is mainly a waterproof rubber pad installed under the wheel socket, because it can make your air box have a very good waterproof effect! Third, the reason why air box manufacturers choose to attach importance to the production level of manufacturers when ordering air boxes is that the storage requirements of many instruments are very strict, for example, some require very good sealing, some require strong corrosion resistance, etc. These will vary greatly in product quality due to different levels of manufacturers. In addition, the quality of after-sales service of air box manufacturers is also related to the quality of air boxes, although after-sales is not directly reflected in the product value, however, if the manufacturer's after-sales service is relatively poor, there is only one reason, that is, the quality of its air box products is not up to standard, and the after-sales service cannot be maintained at all; In contrast, if a manufacturer makes a very good commitment to its after-sales service, then we can basically judge that its product quality can also pass. Where are the air box manufacturers looking? Air box manufacturers should choose luggage manufacturers with rich experience in luggage customization, professional design team, planning and development according to the company's requirements, color, style and other requirements to customize luggage. Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom factory professional processing custom kit, safe according to your requirements design and production, customers can freely play a unique design, provide design draft let us help you produce.
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