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How to customize SLR camera bag -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturer

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-10
Now, photography is no longer an amateur activity that only a few people can enjoy. SLR is infiltrating into everyone's life at a very high speed. As one of the necessary accessories, SLR camera bag, no longer a simple tool for loading and protecting cameras, more factors are affecting the direction of SLR camera bags. How to customize SLR camera bag? 1. Custom SLR camera bag fabric selection custom SLR camera bag should be selected according to fabric and breathability. Most of the high-quality SLR camera bags are made of tear-resistant waterproof nylon fabric, which is not only rich in gloss but also smooth and delicate in hand feeling, which can greatly enhance the overall image of the backpack, and the excellent material can also have excellent waterproof performance, and it also has good anti-cutting ability for sharp tools, which plays an effective anti-theft role. Most of the high-quality SLR camera bags are filled with sponge inside, and the external is stitched with a heat-dissipating honeycomb three-dimensional breathable mesh, which can increase air circulation and increase air permeability. The soft hip bag can also effectively disperse the weight of the hip bone backpack, make the hip bone more comfortable. 2. Details of SLR camera bag customization, SLR camera bag customization according to capacity and hook and loop selection. A high-quality SLR camera bag should have a large capacity, not only can hold a large camera model, Lite equipment, but also put a personal living items, this makes it easier to go out for photography, travel, etc. The Velcro thickness of the customized SLR camera bag is more than 15 MM, which can effectively reduce the internal vibration caused by external force and more effectively protect the equipment inside the SLR camera bag. 3. SLR camera bag customized backpack system SLR camera bag customized according to design selection. Custom SLR camera bags are designed to be closer to the human body. According to the human body design curve and ergonomics, combined with the popular elements of today's fashion world, they are made into comfortable backpacks. The high-quality SLR camera bag is designed from the front without opening and opening after use, which can prevent the third hand, make the thief unable to start, and has better safety performance. There is also a protective fixing belt inside the SLR camera bag, it can effectively fix and protect the equipment, and prevent the photographic equipment from falling or loosening when moving quickly or taking the machine. . Most of the shoulder straps of high-quality SLR camera bags are designed with S-shaped Radian, which can make the shoulder straps more fit the curve of the body, increase the stress area, reduce the strength of pressure and make the carrying easier, make users more comfortable. However, the shoulder straps of ordinary SLR camera bags are very small and hard, not soft enough, making users struggling. Customizing a SLR camera bag is not about the novelty of the appearance, but more importantly, the inherent practicality and safety of the SLR camera bag. Therefore, it is one of the best choices to choose a high-quality SLR camera bag customization manufacturer and find a Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization manufacturer.
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