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How to customize military boxes -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company custom manufacturer

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-10
From Ancient Times to the present, the military and military supplies are more practical. With the development of science and technology, the military products have higher and higher requirements for packaging products during transportation and storage, the traditional wooden box and iron box packaging have some factors such as poor mobility, poor quality, inconvenient loading and unloading, non-environmental protection and so on, which cannot meet the packaging requirements of the existing military supplies, resulting in the birth of a category of luggage-Military box. Military boxes provide more perfect packaging for high-tech products in terms of convenience, mobility and recycling in transportation. They are mainly widely used in military products, logistics services, military factories, etc. How can Military boxes be customized? Military luggage customization, starting from the external structure. The external structure of military luggage requires that the multi-layer plywood should be externally pasted with PBS fireproof board, ABS, aluminum plate and stainless steel plate to synthesize the box structure, so as to ensure that the box has fireproof and waterproof effects; Each side of the box structure should adopt aluminum alloy profiles with a certain thickness and strength to improve the impact and compressive strength of the box; In each corner of the box body, a high-strength spherical wrap angle shall be connected and fixed with L-shaped aluminum alloy edges and plates to protect the details of military bags in all directions. In addition, military bags can also be added according to customers, change the internal structure, design appearance and style. Speaking of the internal structure of military bags, we have to explore the custom requirements inside the military box. The internal structure and materials of the military box determine the anti-shock and anti-corrosion effects of the military box. The anti-shock material often chooses IXPE/Eva board PE anti-seismic cotton/diving material, etc, the material has the functions of light weight, heat preservation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, sealing and the like, making internal storage safer and more reliable. Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers have high-precision production equipment and excellent production technology, and have a high reputation in the field of military box manufacturing, for a long time, it has provided military boxes and emergency bags for Liuzhou troops and the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has its own design team, variety of styles, you can choose, ten years of production strength, luggage box is beautiful, safe and reliable, good sealing, strong production team and creative design team, we can also customize your military luggage for you and look forward to cooperating with you for the first time.
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