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How to customize luggage gifts for Enterprise Promotion activities?

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
The reason why enterprises hold promotional activities is that the ultimate goal is to sell products better. The products they sell can be new products or slow-moving products. The main body of promotion is not only the stores but also the enterprises, there are many places and forms of promotion. You can be in physical stores or places where people flow together or on the Internet. In the process of promotional activities, promotional gifts are an essential link and a carrier to promote sales, therefore, it is necessary to select promotional gifts according to the orientation, occasion, consumer groups and promotional purposes of one's own activities. At the same time, gifts should meet the market demand and be related to the theme of the activities, promotional gift bags must conform to the three principles in order to make the event effective. Promotion is a very practical work, especially focusing on the implementation of various complicated details. First, the three key promotions of gift promotion are literally'Promote sales' , Through information dissemination and persuasion activities, communicate with individuals, organizations or groups to directly or indirectly promote them to accept certain goods or services. From the perspective of retail, in this definition, there are three keywords worthy of attention: 1. Information dissemination' , Mainly refers to the promotion of advertising and atmosphere; 2,'Communication' , Mainly refers to the on-site promotion oral introduction and shopping guide reception; 3,'Persuasion' This mainly refers to the final transaction through various efforts such as promotional purchases, price cuts and sales techniques. These three key words constitute the most important work items in the implementation of retail promotion, which we must focus on in the preparation and implementation of promotion. Second, the three principles of gift promotion implementation, the practical nature of craft gift agents. 1. Create, new is promotion implementation'Breakthrough''Secret Weapon' , Is an effective way to sniper other brands to follow up and intercept. If there is no innovation in the form of activities, simply relying on special offers or buying gifts, such activities cannot achieve good results. In today's increasingly homogeneous promotion methods of various businesses, to achieve innovation, differentiation must be fully carried out, and differentiation should be taken into account in the design of promotion schemes and the release of advertisements. 2. Because consumers' desires are always endless, and they all have the psychology of getting more things that are not easy to get, so the promotion should follow'A small number of times'The principle of each promotion should not be too large ( Reduce its expectations and avoid the impact on normal sales), The product range should not be too much (The harder it is to get something, the more you want it) , Artificially set some activity thresholds to make guests feel cheap. 3. The link in which consumers finally decide to buy is called'A thrilling leap' It means that consumers are very delicate, and they often give up buying because of some small problems that are usually very insignificant. The vigilance is very high. In this case, it is particularly important to grasp the details of the implementation. In the whole promotion activity, attention should be paid to details from the design and posting of posters to the refinement of promotion process and on-site implementation. The above mentioned are all practical problems, which can be innovated by means of this mode. The business gift Cup office in the past few years has been quite successful, and we can learn from other people's successful cases, learning something from it will also be of great help to your own enterprise. Third, the advantage of luggage as a promotional gift the category of promotional gifts is now quite prosperous, from a car to a keychain can become a promotional gift, this is determined according to the needs of the promotion activities. When selling products, the promotion activities should achieve the following purposes: 1. Attract competitors' customers to change their existing consumption habits and Rob customers, fight against competitors. 2. Bring freshness to customers and deepen the impression of a commodity brand. 3, strive for potential customers to try to buy, so that customers as soon as possible familiar with the goods (New product)To promote commodities (New product)Sales. 4. The purpose of improving the brand image of the store. 5, old products, backlog of goods to clear the warehouse, reduce high inventory. Considering the cost of holding promotional activities by enterprises, luggage gifts are increasingly meeting the needs of customers for promotional activities, especially customized luggage, and the size and grade of luggage gifts are determined according to the enterprise's own promotional positioning, on the customized luggage, the enterprise can design the appearance of the luggage by itself, not only adding its own LOGO and publicity slogan, but also designing their LOGO and patterns for the users of the enterprise itself. In this way, the success of the promotion activities will be greatly improved due to the selection of suitable promotional luggage gifts. Another advantage is that the use frequency of bags is very high and the use period is relatively long, so it keeps in touch with consumer groups for gift bags for a relatively long period of time.
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