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How to choose the right men's shoulder bag correctly? - Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
Among many men's backpacks, shoulder bags can better reflect a men's elegant and tasteful fashion style. Compared with the same men's briefcase, he is less serious than the briefcase, and more chic; Compared with the backpack, it is more light and less heavy, and his light and stylish has become the preferred bag for many men. Therefore, the quality of a shoulder bag chosen by a man is crucial. A shoulder bag fabric, shoulder bag is divided into many leisure and business, and most of the fabric of the shoulder bag determines the grade of the shoulder bag. Such characteristics can always make a man have a sense of superiority. He is the identity representative of a man, his texture and appearance are particularly important. The most popular shoulder bag fabrics for men are cowhide, nylon and artificial leather. These shoulder bags are highly malleable, fashionable and stylish, and have a simple and elegant appearance. They are popular without fading. Second, shoulder bag accessories shoulder bag hardware for shoulder strap D Buckle, shoulder strap buckle and zipper. The inspection work of hardware should also be comprehensive. The elasticity and gravity of shoulder straps should be very strong. Nylon webbing is mostly used for high-quality shoulder straps, whether genuine leather or artificial leather. Strong and wear-resistant is his greatest advantage, after that, there will be a shoulder pad designed to protect the shoulders from oppression. The high-grade hardware accessories that play a role in the shoulder bag require no fading or rust in the long time. The structure of the three shoulder bags, the shoulder bag has the characteristics of small and light, but the most important thing is'Qiao'. The trick of the shoulder bag is its structure. He can limit the memory and hold the items that each man carries with him. Now the men will carry it when they go out: cigarette packs/lighters, pens, headphones, wallets, mobile phones and iPads, shoulder bags that can hold these basic things are what this era needs. In addition, the shoulder bag should be checked for workmanship and details. 1. To observe the feel of the shoulder bag fabric, 2. Whether the appearance and internal stitching are tight and firm, 3. Is there any treatment for the reinforcement and weight of the package. Whether the inner lining is flexible and elastic can protect the articles in the bag from damage. The fashion of shoulder bags is owned and indispensable by every man. As an enterprise, if we want to benefit our employees, we can actually have a simple and practical shoulder bag. Under the condition of customization of the shoulder bag, the price is superior, the employees are happy, and the brand image can play a more publicity role.
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