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How to choose a kindergarten bag for luggage customization? - Quanzhou Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Kindergarten is the first school for babies and a happy world for kindergarten partners. Often every new school starts, kindergartens will issue kindergarten schoolbags to welcome the arrival of babies, so choosing a suitable kindergarten schoolbag for babies is a very important link. What kind of schoolbags will children fall in love? 1. The Individuation of schoolbags as the babies grow up, they have obvious visual preferences, like bright and bright things, and think that bright colors are very beautiful, in addition, cute cartoon characters are also role models in children's minds, so many kindergarten schoolbags will use cartoons and rich bright colors, so that children can fall in love with schoolbags first, thus slowly accepting the new environment, like go to school to learn. 2. The design point of the schoolbag is that the kindergarten baby is in a state of long body, so the design should be customized according to the baby's physical condition. First of all, the shoulder strap of the schoolbag must be wide, so that children can spread the weight of the schoolbag evenly among all parts of the schoolbag, and the additional cushion on the shoulder strap can effectively reduce the weight bearing of the schoolbag, reduce the pressure of schoolbags on children. Secondly, the schoolbag should not be too large. A backpack with too large a back will cause the baby to feel uncomfortable with too many trunk muscles squeezing hard on the back, which will greatly affect the growth of the baby's body. 3. The functional kindergarten baby of the schoolbag has poor resistance. Mothers are very afraid that the baby will be infected with other people's articles outside and will prepare the baby's own articles by themselves. Therefore, the baby's schoolbag is basically prepared by mothers. Generally, there are mainly scrubbed towels, trousers and water cups. Therefore, custom kindergarten schoolbags should be selected to expand the capacity within the size of the bag that the baby can accept, and eliminate the troubles of the mothers, more convenient teacher take good care of your baby. 4. The Environmental Protection of schoolbags there are many kindergartens that have always had the smell of schoolbags. This kind of smell has a very pungent smell, which is mostly formaldehyde, if long-term inhalation can cause nausea, vomiting, cough and other symptoms, the Environmental Protection of schoolbags in kindergartens should be strict, and ensuring the safety of children's lives is the primary responsibility of kindergartens. 5. The intimate point of the custom bag, the custom kindergarten bag, can be specially designed with a name, so that the mommy can directly write the baby's name on it, no need to sew it later, it is also convenient for children and teachers to distinguish each person's schoolbag and prevent mistakes. In addition, for kindergartens, the biggest advantage of choosing customized kindergarten schoolbags is that they can play the role of kindergarten publicity, so we should choose luggage customization manufacturers with good quality and high reputation to make babies happy, mothers outside can rest assured that they can play a more effective role in promoting the image of kindergartens.
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