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How to buy a hot summer backpack -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-01
With the beginning of the summer vacation, the number of people going out to play began to increase, and when it comes to going out to play, the backpack that can liberate both hands is indispensable. Below, Pesin Outdoor Products Company Xiaobian will tell you how to buy a hot summer backpack, and quickly come to understand it. 1. Choose a breathable backpack. The weather is hot in summer. Most of the time, the body is sweating. If the backpack back pad and shoulder strap are not breathable, it will bring people a more sultry feeling. Moreover, if you carry an airtight backpack for a long time, the sweat will not be controlled, and it will easily affect people's health and increase the probability of heatstroke. Therefore, when purchasing a backpack, be sure to pay attention to whether the back pad and shoulder strap of the backpack are breathable. It is recommended not to buy an airtight backpack. 2, fabric selection should pay attention to lightweight, breathable backpack fabric has a lot of things, but canvas, polyester and nylon these three belong to the Summer Classic Leisure backpack material, these three fabrics also have thickness points, the higher the thickness, the better the quality, but in summer, considering the weather, generally choose 200-400D fabric is OK, 200- The 400D fabric is light and breathable, and it is very stressed without pressing the body. After all, the summer things are not too heavy, and it is more than enough to store. 3, pay attention to the choice of small size backpack backpack is close to the back, long-term carrying is very stuffy and hot, especially large size backpack, so in the summer to choose small backpack, light and comfortable, if it is a long journey, just choose a 20-inch luggage case and backpack. Don't try to put everything in the backpack. Such a journey is too hard. The above is about' How to buy shoulder bags in hot summer'A brief introduction, everyone knows. If you are not satisfied with the purchase of a backpack, you may wish to try personalized customization, tailor-made in all aspects, to meet the needs of different people and different seasons, welcome to consult. Backpack customization, please look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company manufacturers. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been established for 14 years. It not only has rich experience in luggage production, but also has enough ability to develop and design new styles according to customer needs. Pesin Outdoor Products Company and brand luggage customization manufacturer are selected for customized luggage, strength is guaranteed, trustworthy and worthy of choice.
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