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How much do you know about the basic knowledge of luggage customization -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
Custom bags not only look at the beauty of the appearance, but also the internal quality and practicality. There are many aspects to pay attention to when customizing bags. In our life, bags have become an indispensable part of going to school, going to work and traveling for leisure. . . . . . The use of luggage is very important in these processes, so how much do you know about the basic knowledge of luggage customization? 1. Luggage customization will check the product. When looking for luggage customization, enterprises can take a sample with the manufacturer or service provider and measure the value of the service provider from the sample. General quality luggage customization pays more attention to details, with appropriate color matching, neat stitches, uniform stitch length, no thread exposed, smooth and flawless fabric, no bubbling, no bare burrs, metal fittings are bright. In addition to the process, the bag fabric is one of the main points. If it is found that decolorization is definitely not a good bag, leather bags with good quality are all tested. During the test, white paper is used to wipe the bag surface repeatedly for ten times, only a slight color or a colorless one on the paper is considered a qualified bag. If it is easy to fade, it is definitely a defective product. Observe the lining of the bag and various accessories. The quality of the lining and accessories reflects the overall quality of the luggage to some extent. 2. Luggage customization will choose manufacturers. Luggage customization is divided into gift service providers and manufacturers. If you choose a gift service provider, you only need to pay, and people will help you arrange everything, which is equivalent to hiring a purchaser to run the market for you, therefore, the cost is higher than that of the manufacturer. If you have a purchase, it is recommended to choose a luggage factory. At present, professional luggage factories only need your purchasing contact, and the rest of the design, ordering, inspection and other processes are provided by luggage manufacturers. The choice of factory or gift depends on the company's situation and its own requirements. If you choose a factory, you can find a Pesin Outdoor Products Company to customize the factory. Pesin Outdoor Products Company customized manufacturers set planning, design, production, marketing in one, since the establishment of the Company, and gradually formed a profound corporate culture and a high-quality team, it has successfully established a vast world in the national gift market, and has set up a series of promotional gifts for the national gift market. It greatly meets the needs of advertising, gifts and other companies with high quality and fashionable styles. It is a professional luggage and gift manufacturer in China and looks forward to cooperating with you.
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