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How many ways to cooperate with luggage customization?

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Luggage customization is one of the choices of personalized gifts for enterprises. It can reflect the corporate image, corporate cultural characteristics and corporate brand logo. It can also be used as a gift for employees and customers, and will not be inferior; He has a strong use value, and he is indispensable for work, shopping, and travel. This has increased the promotion of many brands for enterprises, so it is no wonder that enterprises love bags. How many ways of cooperation are there for custom-made bags? First, we have met many customers in Pesin Outdoor Products Company, who generally have their own bags or pictures. We call such customers'Sample customer'. The sample customer's luggage customization process is' Consult Pesin Outdoor Products Company sales-- Send sample pictures or sample quotation--Put forward confirmation opinions-- Pesin Outdoor Products Company proofing sample--Confirm the sample and discuss it again--Sign a custom contract--Mass production--20- Within 25 days, Pesin Outdoor Products Company will arrange logistics to send large goods. The second selected of bags custom-built if customer no template but about know own want to what type of bags pesin Outdoor Products Company will recommend pesin Outdoor Products Company brand--Apollo Dream's luggage products are available for customers to choose from. The customized process of luggage for selection is: consult Pesin Outdoor Products Company for sales--Confirm the direction of luggage customization-- Pesin Outdoor Products Company recommends Apollo brand style-- Customer easy and send physical samples confirm--Confirm samples and communication matters--Both sides signed custom-built contract--Mass production-- Pesin Outdoor Products Company delivers. The third concept design of luggage custom ODM is the concept design of luggage, that is, personalized luggage custom. Personalized luggage customization is a special luggage design for customers' products according to customers' requirements and product requirements, or a design manuscript is outlined according to customers' ideas and confirmed by customers. Personalized luggage customization process is: consult Pesin Outdoor Products Company sales-- Communication bags customized and design draft-- Communicate and propose design draft confirmation comments--Design Draft confirmation and proofing--Send samples to confirm the luggage sample--Communicate and confirm luggage sample--Sign a custom contract--Mass production-- Pesin Outdoor Products Company delivers.
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