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How does Cheng Xuyuan choose the right computer bag correctly -? Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-29
The importance of the computer bag is because as a programmer, there is no job without a computer, and the leisure will always travel with the computer. The computer is already an inseparable partner, so you have to choose a good one to care for the computer. 'Nest'Give. How to choose the best computer bag among today's many oolong? The following Pesin editor will help you. 1. The computer bag is consistent with the computer size. In order to avoid the book from dangling in the bag and improve the security of the computer, a computer bag of appropriate size must be selected. When we choose the right bag, we don't measure the size of the computer. The screen of the same size, different brands, different models, and the size will vary greatly, therefore, we all compare the overall size of the computer with the size of the protection space of the computer bag. 2, the texture of the computer bag is very important, this is the most obvious in the low-end bag, the computer weighs four or five kilograms, the light is two or three kilograms, so, the bag with it should be made of superior materials first, otherwise, after your computer bag has been used for a period of time, it will begin to collapse, the shoulder strap hook will be loose, etc. , an accident, the valuable computer inside is likely to be messy and worn. Exquisite computer bags must be strictly tested in this area before leaving the factory to ensure quality. For example, Pesin Outdoor Products Company will have a formal inspection process before leaving the factory. The factory will check the fabric saturation and craftsmanship, even the metal buckle of the bag has to undergo a 250-time tensile test with a pulling force of. The selected rubber material has also undergone a hardness test and can only be used at a standard 85 degrees, because too hard plastic will burst in cold areas, it will bring security risks to the computers installed inside. 3, the additional function of the computer bag is very important, the customer buys the computer bag is to facilitate the mobile office is the real meaning, if you encounter a rainy day or accidentally drink knocked over what to do? Buying this kind of computer bag is not worth it if the computer is damaged. Therefore, the computer bag must be watered before leaving the factory, and the general waterproof degree is 300- 500, so that even if it rains cats and dogs, it can withstand the rain outside. In addition, because the computer bag is mobile, the manufacturer will add soft velvet and other materials inside the computer bag, so that the active computer is not easy to slide and often collide. Due to the cost problem, the design of the low-end bag is not strict enough, and the material is perfunctory. Some low-end bags even use some ordinary sponges as the shockproof protective layer, in this way, when encountering some collisions and squeezing, it will often seriously endanger the safety of the notebook, and cheap sponges are also more moisture-absorbing, who would like his computer to live in a crisis environment for a long time? Computers cannot be separated from your work and life. Love him well and choose a warm and safe one. 'Computer Bag' Home, let the computer always accompany you to fight together.
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