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From which aspects does the customized price of luggage quote -? Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-27
Luggage customization is a personalized customization that has arisen in recent years. Its main target is Enterprises. Enterprises can put forward their own design ideas and combine brand elements ( Brand logo, brand slogan and brand tone) Design a brand bag belonging to the enterprise and give it to customers, fans and employees to play the role of enterprise welfare and brand promotion. The price of luggage customization is different from that of luggage consumer goods on weekdays. There is no market price that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so enterprises have to visit 3- Five luggage factories found their own price standards in the inquiry. Even so, some enterprises are still somewhat absent-minded, and it is not clear how the price is quoted. This time, Pesin Outdoor Products Company customized manufacturers will answer for you: from which aspects does the price of luggage customization quote? 1. Material and style. Different styles of bags determine the overall structure, process and time-consuming Cost of bags, while different materials determine the function, feel and price of bags. Common materials include nylon, canvas, PU, leather and PC. Cloth bags are determined by density, while leather is determined by leather functionality. . . These materials in their field, the more superior the material, the higher the price. 2. Customized quantity. Luggage customization is a personalized mass customization service, so it is natural to pay attention to the more quantity, the more price advantage. Let alone the snobbish eyes of the manufacturers, the reason why the number is not given is that the workers are not willing to do it. The general factory rule for customized quantity is normal 200 minimum order (Except for special packages), At least 50 custom-made. If the number of customers is really small, Pesin Outdoor Products Company will provide customers with spot customized services. The spot customization service is that Pesin Outdoor Products Company has selected the hot bags every year and produced them as spot bags without logo. Customers can choose their favorite styles from the spot, that is, you can print your own corporate brand logo within 15 days. 3. Tax point. The tax point refers to the starting amount of the tax on the tax object. If the amount of the tax object reaches the threshold, it will be taxed in full, and if it does not reach the threshold, it will not be taxed. The tax point is determined according to the company's situation. From which aspects does the customized price of luggage be quoted? It is basically the quotation standard obtained from the above three points. If the enterprise has its own budget price, it can also directly communicate the budget price with the manufacturer, who will recommend the appropriate luggage customization scheme for the enterprise according to the price, the above is the basic quotation standard provided by Pesin Outdoor Products Company.
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