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Five strategies for extending the life of outdoor backpacks- Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
To travel outdoors, for the sake of safety and to better achieve the goal of traveling, a practical and beautiful outdoor backpack is believed to be cherished by outdoor lovers! In use, washing and storage are more careful. Look at the following methods for the use, maintenance, cleaning, and use of backpacks will not reduce their service life. One: according to the correct upper and lower Backpack Program operation, if the operation is not in accordance with the program, there will be uneven stress of the backpack structure. The effect of the weight of the light backpack will be reduced, and the heavy one will cause damage to the backpack structure; Try to lend the backpack to others as little as possible: the backpack bracket will be more and more in line with your own back curve. If you lend the backpack, it is likely to be re-adjusted and adapted. When passing without protection, the shoulder strap should be relaxed and the Belt and chest strap should be opened so that the bag can be separated as quickly as possible in case of danger. Two: do not fall the backpack, pack a solid backpack, the tension of the stitching is already quite tight, if this time is very rude under the backpack, or accidentally fall, it is easy to break the suture or buckle the broken iron. Hard equipment does not stick to the backpack cloth: tableware, pot group, and other hard materials. If it is close to the backpack cloth, as long as the surface of the backpack is slightly rubbed against the hard rock wall, the railing will easily wear the backpack cloth. Three: in the process of handling, be careful to buckle the webbing accessories: Often when you get on and off the backpack, there will be some pulling conditions, so when the backpack is on the bus, pay attention to whether the waist buckle is buckled, some backpacks have soft waist buckles and can hold the lower half of the backpacks in reverse. Some backpacks have belts supported by hard plastic plates, which cannot be discounted in reverse and can easily crack. It is better to cover the backpacks with a backpack cover, in order to prevent the webbing from being entangled with other backpacks, the backpack will be damaged during the pulling process. Four: During the camping period, the backpack should be tightly closed to avoid small animals such as rats and small insects and ants. At night, you must use a backpack cover to cover the backpack. Even in sunny weather, the dew will still wet the backpack. During the snow period, the backpack can be used as the door of the snow hole. If the backpack is loaded or crawled in the woods or bushes, it is more suitable to lower the center of gravity of the backpack. The camping can place the empty backpack under the foot, insulation from cold surface improves sleeping temperature. Five: The backpack should be sewn immediately if it is scratched. Thicker needle and thread should be selected. The needle used to sew the chair cushion should be sewn firmly. At the end, nylon thread should be baked with fire to break the main supporting points, such as belts and shoulder straps, on weekdays, carry the stability of the system, avoid the deterioration or hardening of the gasket, do not know, the zipper should be replaced, do not wait until things slip out of the backpack to remedy. Six: make sure the backpack is completely dry and empty the backpack. Don't leave anything in the backpack. On the one hand, avoid not finding anything. On the other hand, if there are other things in the collection, after stacking, it is easy to cause the backpack to deform. Finally, the webbing buckle is tightly fastened and kept dry in the income storage box. Some professional antibacterial and mildew-proof sprays can be sprayed to avoid mildew caused by long-term storage of bacteria.
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