Exports increased by more than in October, and luggage companies took advantage of e-commerce to create brands

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-20
As a traditional export product of Quanzhou, the luggage industry was affected by the overall downturn in the foreign trade situation this year, and the export growth rate slowed down. Statistical Digital Display before October Quanzhou export total for 98. $0. 9 billion, an increase of 11. 8%, of which, luggage exports 4. US $7. 5 billion, up 9. Year-on-year. 79%, the export growth rate of luggage is lower than the city's average export growth rate. However, supported by factors such as low base, seasonal factors, policy support and recovery of external demand of enterprises, luggage exports in October were 47. 02 million US dollars, up 37. 02%. The questionnaire survey data of the Chamber of Commerce of the luggage and umbrella export base of Fujian province on the operation of 200 enterprises showed that nearly half of the enterprises' exports declined in the first half of the year. 20% of the surveyed enterprises' total exports in the first half of 2012 were basically the same as those in the same period last year; The increase is 5%-10% of enterprises account for about 13. 3%, an increase of 10%- 20% of enterprises accounted for about 7%, and due to the severe impact of the international situation, the order volume decreased, resulting in a 10% drop in exports in the first half of 2012-20% of the enterprises accounted for 43. Of the enterprises surveyed. 3%, about 10% of enterprises fell by more than 30%. It is understood that the main factors that led to a large decline in exports in the first half of 2012 were the decrease in corporate orders and a slight decline in product export prices. At the same time, enterprises are facing more factors such as compliance risks, trade frictions and product environmental protection requirements, which also cause passive and difficult business operations. In the case of a severe foreign trade situation, many luggage companies have been waiting for orders to come to the door to take the initiative to go to Europe and the United States to find orders. Haidu light industry sought customers through Alibaba and other network platforms, and moved the booth to the professional luggage exhibition in the United States. All kinds of efforts have brought new customers. ' While maintaining good old customers, this year we have won some new customers from Italy and Brazil. Italy's orders are not large but the profits are high. Brazil's orders are thin but the orders are large, it is also a kind of complementarity for enterprises. ' Diversification of export market from the perspective of export regions, Europe and the United States are still the main export destinations, accounting for about 2/3 of the total export volume of luggage. However, many companies are working hard to diversify their export markets. For example, Fujian Hongsheng light industry has set up its own marketing terminals in Russia, Pakistan and other countries and regions since 2002, and has achieved good results. ' The current situation in Europe and the United States is not good, but it is necessary to see a good investment and trade environment in other parts of the world. Judging from the company's performance in emerging markets outside Russia, Brazil, Africa and Asia, exports to emerging markets are the highlight of this year. 'The person in charge of Hongsheng light industry said. In addition, luggage enterprises begin to adopt some measures to adapt to the current development of foreign trade situation: about 25% of enterprises choose industrial transformation; 37. 5% of enterprises choose to adjust the product structure; 56. 3% of the surveyed enterprises choose to adjust the international market structure to win more orders, and more of them tend to open up emerging markets; 43. At the same time, 6% of the enterprises chose to carry out production technology transformation and innovation to tap the potential to resolve operational difficulties; 68. 8% of enterprises pay more attention to the internal management of enterprises, improve efficiency and gain the initiative. The awareness of brand creation has been continuously enhanced. Under the situation of slowing exports, the awareness of brand creation of luggage enterprises has also been continuously enhanced. Enterprises clearly attach importance to the application of famous trademarks and famous brand products in Fujian. Since the beginning of this year, there have been 29 member companies in the Fujian provincial luggage and umbrella export base Chamber of Commerce. Fujian province International Famous Brand'Title. Haichao Light Industry Co. , Ltd. actively cooperates with internationally renowned brands while establishing a design platform and cultivating professional design teams. Professional manufacturer of light industry the by development in Russia of monkking brand and domestic of hundred ge wo brand adhere to'Walking on two legs'. Considering the high cost of offline branding, many luggage companies have also begun to target new e-commerce channels. Dongxing bag, which has been OEM for foreign brands since 1996, launched its own brand kadinu five years ago, mainly selling student bags. However, after several years of trials, the high cost of offline channels and the short sales cycle of student bags have been plaguing enterprises. For this reason, starting from March this year, kadinu began to try to use online sales as an offline supplement. With the advantages of product production and formal online authorization for cartoon images, starting from July, network sales grew rapidly, reaching more than 3 million yuan in August.
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