Environmental protection starts from the 'package', and the environmentally friendly backpack made from the Marine recycling garbage is exciting- Pesin Outdoor Products

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-01
In response to the country'Low carbon energy saving, green development' The call, Pesin Outdoor Products Company combined with its own situation, practice the reality, in the Quanzhou autumn gift show just ended last month, specially launched a series of unique environmental protection backpacks. What makes these environmentally friendly backpacks special is that their main ingredients are made of 100% recyclable plastic and RPET materials extracted from countless plastic bottles discarded in marine and landfill sites. After a series of processing, RPET materials form a new type of green and environment-friendly fabric-- RPET fabric, which can be used to make a series of products such as luggage, has created a new concept in the field of regeneration due to its low carbon source. RPET Fabric, RPET Fabric is a new type of Recycled environmentally friendly Fabric, full name Recycled PET Fabric (Recycled polyester fabric) Therefore, it is also called recycled PET fabric, and its raw materials are extracted from recycled mineral water bottles and cola bottles through quality inspection and separation-Slice- RPET yarn made from spinning and cooling, RPET fabric made from RPET yarn, is commonly known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth. The fabric can be recycled and reused, which can save energy, oil consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Each pound of recycled RPET fabric can save 61000 BTU of energy, equivalent to of carbon dioxide. After being dyed, coated and calendered, the fabrics can also be tested by MTL, SGS, ITS and other international standards, among which phthalate (6 P), Formaldehyde, lead (Pb) , Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nonylfen and other environmental protection indicators have reached the latest European environmental protection standards and the latest US environmental protection standards. RPET fabric uses waste plastic bottles to replace the raw materials previously extracted from crude oil, greatly reducing the consumption of crude oil, a non-renewable resource, and the amount of landfill treatment. The popularization and application of RPET fabric will play a very positive role in saving oil resources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the ecological environment. At the gift show, Pesin Outdoor Products Company's series of environmentally-friendly backpacks were well received by all parties once they appeared. Many customers were also very interested in the concept of environmentally-friendly backpacks and said that if they were customized backpacks in the future, choose this RPET fabric to contribute to the protection of the Earth's environment. Low carbon energy saving, green development, from'Package'Start, put the environmental protection on the body. Pesin Outdoor Products Company interprets the actual Products to everyone. 'Low carbon energy saving, green development' The development concept, with practical actions to appeal to the vast number of friends to save resources, protect the environment, protect our common home on Earth. If you want to know more about environmentally friendly backpacks, you can call the free hotline or log on to the official website of Pesin Outdoor Products Company www. Azy288. Com for details, Pesin Outdoor Products Company will serve you wholeheartedly.
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