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Do you have Baidu backpack in the red-hot gift industry -? Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-01
Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine in China. The brand precipitation for 15 years has long been widely known. Naturally, there are many iron fans who love Baidu. Faced with the increasing support of Baidu fans, Baidu will organize activities on its own platform and give them away. Baidu backpack'. Baidu backpack is an excellent choice for travel, work and school with Baidu LOGO! Generally, when Baidu holds some activities, it is given as a gift to users, and you can also exchange points in Baidu know. Do you have Baidu backpack in the red gift industry? Baidu backpack in the red-hot gift industry is the exclusive backpack customized by Baidu Group. Baidu (Headquarters) The employee welfare gifts have cooperated with Pesin Outdoor Products Company for two consecutive years. Pesin Outdoor Products Company has exclusively authorized Baidu logo and customized Baidu computer backpacks. These two Baidu computer backpacks are fashionable and unique, it is a backpack style that many companies like, and more or less because of Baidu's reputation, it has become a backpack classic in the gift industry. Let's open our eyes together. The simple and fashionable Baidu backpack in 2014 is the reddest backpack style in 2014-- The square design, minimalist lines and soft fabrics are full of design and urban texture from inside to outside. This double-shoulder computer backpack is made of cationic small dragon dance, with ultra-light fabric and soft hand feeling. It is matched with metal aluminum handle and slider to make the whole more textured; The front beveled pocket is functionally designed, the design is ingenious and unique, and the function is practical--Some common cards can be placed; Data files can be placed in the front main zipper bag, with small pockets such as mobile phone bags and pencil cases. The main bag has a large space and is equipped with a thick computer PE cotton compartment computer layer to properly protect your computer. It is a stylish and functional backpack. The Baidu silk screen logo with low-key business style is one of the focuses of the bag body, and its outstanding appearance is his foil. His appearance and color are stable, and he is made of delicate nylon material and texture Pu material, which is more fashionable and quite profile; With hardware handles and sliders, the whole looks elegant; Under the excellent appearance, the internal storage naturally does not dare to be sloppy-- The front panel is equipped with a zipper bag, A4 size depth, which can store A4 supplies; The classic pockets on both sides break the traditional mesh design, and the nylon elastic band is used to design a retractable pocket layer; The main bag is equipped with a professional computer layer, an IPAD layer and a free layer. The front panel inside the main bag is equipped with a pen slot, a smoke slot and a wallet slot to manage your small items and facilitate management. The dark color can be used to match suits and other formal suits, which not only retains the steady temperament but also adds a sense of fashion. Mature men are worth starting. The two backpacks selected by Baidu are between the trend and the business. They are a little subtle while keeping up with fashion, giving people a low-key fashion temperament, it is very similar to the low-key style of Baidu CEO Li Yanhong; He also detonated the gift world and became the winner of the classic backpack of the year. It is not difficult to see that these two backpacks selected by Baidu are a company full of vigor, truth-seeking and honesty, and have a strong understanding and taste of fashion acceptance and capture. These two Baidu backpacks are exclusively designed by Pesin Outdoor Products Company and are Pesin Outdoor Products Company2014-2015 backpack new. Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a luggage industry and trade enterprise integrating design, research and development and production. 'Light fashion, light business' It is the unique feature of their luggage design, so it is favored by Baidu and has become Baidu's employee welfare gift supplier for two consecutive years.
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