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Do different maintenance according to different leather of business leather bags | Enterprise News information | luggage customization _ shoulder computer bag _ shoulder travel bag _ pull rod?

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-03
The following is an analysis of different leather maintenance methods for business bags, hoping to help everyone. The best cleaning and maintenance method for ordinary skin is to remove dust first, then remove dirt and wrinkles with special cleaning oil. Secondly, dip the special oil of the leather bag on the cloth, gently apply it on the leather bag, and then rub the cloth hard on the leather bag, but do not apply too much detergent to avoid fading the leather bag or contaminating the clothes. Smooth skin is to show its original flavor. It is best to use its special ointment. In case of being stained with dirt, it can be carefully removed with a damp towel. Suede is deerskin, anti-fur, etc. It is best to use a soft animal brush to remove it and avoid using metal hair. Usually, this kind of leather bag is not easy to remove because it is easy to spread with oil, so it is better to stay away from things with attached properties such as chewing gum or candy. When removing such leather, be sure to gently wipe it to prevent the bag from whitening and leaving traces. Because it is easy to crack, the patent leather must be used with special care. Usually, it can be wiped with a soft cloth like a handkerchief. If there is a crack in the bag, use a cloth to dip a little special grease and then gently wipe it. After understanding the maintenance, you must also understand how to collect it. 'Long-term stability'. Quanzhou bags Quanzhou bags Beijing bags Quanzhou bags custom Quanzhou Bags Manufacturers Quanzhou bags ordering Quanzhou bags purchasing Quanzhou bags suppliers Quanzhou bags style Quanzhou business leisure bags Quanzhou sports leisure bags business computer backpacks sports leisure backpacks business trolley bags leisure bags trolley luggage bag ODM, OEM Quanzhou computer bag Quanzhou travel leisure bag Quanzhou digital bag Quanzhou mummy bag Quanzhou gift bag Quanzhou green shopping bag Quanzhou fashion shopping bag Quanzhou trolley case Quanzhou backpack Quanzhou mountaineering backpack Quanzhou backpack more related luggage customization for information, please click: shenzhen Pesin Outdoor Products Company website article editor: Quanzhou Pesin Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Contact number: 0755-25579491 Contact: Zeng Shun
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