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Did you GET the correct posture of the backpack -? Pesin Outdoor Products Compan

by:Lzdrason     2020-01-22
Whether it's a backpack or a one-shoulder diagonal bag, walking on the street, almost everyone carries a bag. The backpack has almost become one of the essential items for people's daily travel. The backpack can bring convenience to travel, however, you should also be vigilant. If the backpack posture is not correct, it will not only cause shoulder pain, but also may cause adverse effects such as Hunchback. Therefore, the correct posture of the backpack should be mastered, let's listen to what the Pesin luggage manufacturer said. 1, reduce shaking, whether it is shoulder bag or messenger bag, shoulder strap should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to cause excessive shaking. The appropriate shoulder strap length helps to stabilize the center of gravity, and the muscles of the body will not constantly adjust for the constantly changing center of gravity, eventually because'Overwork'And damaged. 2, the backpack position can not be too low, want a comfortable backpack bag, the bag can not be too low. For example, the lower edge of the backpack is preferably in the pelvic position. The messenger bag is best placed on the waist side, and the upper edge of the backpack is about the position of the pelvis. 3, it is best not to carry in front of the body, whether it is a messenger bag or a backpack, from a health point of view, it is best not to carry in front of the body. Because of the force, the body will lean forward when it is in front of the body, which is easy to cause'Hunchback'. 4. Change shoulders regularly everyone's backpack has his own preferred habit. Experts remind that if you use a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, you must change shoulders regularly, which can prevent cervical vertebra and spinal strain. Have you got the correct posture of the backpack? If there is anything you don't know, please consult Pesin Outdoor Products Company and we will do our best to answer it for you. Customized bags, find Pesin luggage manufacturers! Since its establishment, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been committed to providing customers with high-quality Products, reasonable prices, accurate delivery date and a serious and responsible attitude, professional custom backpack Business Bag, computer bag, shoulder bag, leisure bag, waist bag, cosmetic bag, etc. , the products are fashionable, high quality, price concessions, dedicated to provide our customers with quality service, welcome customers at home and abroad to investigate and negotiate, and develop together!
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