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Daily cleaning and maintenance methods for outdoor backpacks- Pesin Outdoor Products Company

by:Lzdrason     2020-02-08
For small partners who love outdoor activities, a functional and durable outdoor backpack is indispensable. When playing outside, outdoor backpacks can not only liberate our hands, let us better enjoy the beauty of the journey, but also can be equipped with many travel necessities, so that our journey is more secure and safer. Outdoor backpacks provide users with a lot of convenience. Users should also know what are the daily cleaning and maintenance methods of outdoor backpacks in order to prolong the service life of outdoor backpacks, at the same time, avoid unnecessary troubles that may occur during the journey. Next, let's take a look at the relevant answers of Pesin Outdoor Products Company. 1. Precautions for the use of outdoor backpacks. When the outdoor backpacks are filled with articles, do not take pictures of the backpacks at will, because the stitches of the backpacks filled with articles are already very tight, if you accidentally hit or fall at this time, it is easy to crack the stitching or damage the buckle, thus damaging the backpack. In addition, the strong iron device does not need to be attached to the outdoor backpack fabric. When using it, be careful of the damage to the body of the buckle, strap and other accessories. 2, the daily cleaning of outdoor backpacks, outdoor backpacks will always be stained with soil, dust, sweat, etc. , so go home to clean immediately. Generally, a boring soft brush is used to remove the dust from the outer layer of the backpack. If it is directly scrubbed with a wet cloth, it is easy to infect the stain on the surface of the cloth. Then wash with clear water. If there is oil stain, neutral washing liquid, such as shower gel or washing powder, should be used. If you are worried about the decrease of water resistance, you can also spray some waterproof agent when it is quick-drying. After washing and cleaning, put it in a cool place and air dry. Remember not to be exposed to the sun when the backpack is wet, so as not to cause the fiber to become hardened and brittle due to ultraviolet radiation. If it is a long day trip, soak for about 30 minutes, or wash with a lot of clear water to avoid organic matter, small organisms, or rotten leaves stuck in the system, constitute moldy or reproductive bacteria. When it is not completely dried, the surface of the waterproof coating on the surface of the backpack is the best time to spray and maintain with a professional water repellent, your Backpack has the same water repellent function as the new one. 3. If the outdoor backpack is broken, repair it properly. If the backpack is scratched, repair it immediately. A thicker needle thread must be used for patching (Such as needles specially decorated with chair cushions)Sew firmly, and then bake the nylon thread with fire after sewing. When checking normally, the first thing is the support point (Such as belts, shoulder straps, etc) Stability, to avoid gasket deterioration or hardening without knowing; The zipper should be changed when it is changed. Don't make up for it when things slip out of the backpack. The materials for making good outdoor backpacks are generally specially treated such as coatings. Choosing good outdoor backpacks is of great help to outdoor travel. Nowadays, young people are increasingly yearning for outdoor travel because of the boring work and lack of time for activities and exercises. Enterprises can customize an outdoor travel backpack to give benefits to employees. Outdoor backpack customization, look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company customization manufacturers! It has been 14 years since the establishment of Pesin Outdoor Products Company. It not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and version rooms with perfect production equipment, but also has professional R & D designers and skilled production Masters, the quality of outdoor backpacks is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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