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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-31
The computer bag is a bag specially designed for storing and protecting notebook computers. Many enterprises will customize some computer bags to give away to employees in order to facilitate employees to go out to work. In order to customize a fashionable and practical computer bag, when customizing the computer bag, everyone should pay attention to the following points. What are they? Let's listen to what the small Editor of Pesin Outdoor Products Company said. 1. Pay attention to the difference in functions. The computer bags in the workplace are not only simple computer bags, but also act as business bags to prevent some Office documents and personal belongings of users, therefore, when customizing computer bags, attention should be paid to the function distinction. Computers, documents, personal belongings, etc. can be stored in different categories, so that orderly computer bags can be stored to provide users with more convenience, neat and orderly storage can also leave a good impression on customers. 2. Pay attention to the protection ability of the computer bag to the computer. The notebook computer is relatively fragile. The computer may be scrapped at any time until it is touched or dropped later. Therefore, in order to protect the computer from damage, the computer bag is very important for the protection function of the computer. A good computer bag should have impact resistance, preferably with a lining inside, at the very least, there must be a high-density foam sponge interlayer. Generally, the computer must be fixed with a Velcro to prevent the computer from being damaged due to shaking in the bag. 3, pay attention to the LOGO position should not be too conspicuous enterprise custom computer bag, generally will print their own business logo on the computer bag, but now most computer bags tend to business casual style, so that employees can also use it when they go out to visit customers. In order to coordinate the overall match and leave a good impression on customers, the position and color of logo should not be too conspicuous, in order to avoid the impression of exaggeration, it is not good. The above is about' Computer bag customization this 3. 1 must pay attention' If you have any questions about the customization of computer bags, please come to consult the editor. Custom computer bag, please look for Pesin Outdoor Products Company! As a benchmark enterprise in Guangdong luggage customization industry, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has customized high-quality double-shoulder computer bags for many well-known enterprises, moreover, Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been focusing on luggage customization for 14 years, has a strong designer team, and has long-term cooperative relations with well-known domestic enterprises, there are Baidu, chain, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec and so on. Therefore, the choice of shoulder computer bag custom-made manufacturers, Pesin Outdoor Products Company is a worthy of consideration, choice of manufacturers.
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