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by:Lzdrason     2020-01-26
Luggage customization is one of the personalized gift customization for enterprises. Customization of different luggage styles depends on the selection of fabrics. In addition to the original fabrics, coated fabrics are commonly used in luggage customization. Let's talk about the commonly used coated fabrics for shampoos. 1. PU coating, I . e. polyurethane coating. PU is an artificial leather material with the texture and appearance of the leather. The fabric feels full and elastic, and the surface has a film feel. 2, anti-velvet coating, that is, anti-down coating, can prevent down from running down after coating, suitable for down jacket fabric. But now the PA coating with water pressure requirement in the coating is also called anti-velvet coating. 3. PA white glue coating, I . e. coating a layer of white acrylic resin on the surface of the fabric, can increase the covering rate of the cloth surface, is opaque, and makes the cloth surface more colorful. 4. PU white glue coating, I . e. coating a layer of white polyurethane resin on the surface of the fabric, has the same effect as PA white glue, but PU white glue has fuller hand feeling, more elasticity and better fastness. 5. Pearlescent coating. Through Pearlescent coating on the fabric surface, the fabric surface has pearly luster, silvery white and colored. The clothes are very beautiful. There are also PA pearlescent and PU pearlescent points. PU pearlescent is smoother and brighter than PA pearlescent, with better film feel and more'Pearl film'The reputation. 6, silicone high elastic coating, also known as paper coating. For thin cotton cloth, it is very suitable for making shirt fabrics. It feels full, crisp and elastic, with strong resilience and anti-wrinkle. For thick fabrics, the elasticity is good and the fastness is good. 7. The coating of the skin film, by pressing the light and coating on the surface of the fabric, forms a skin film on the surface of the fabric and completely changes the style of the fabric. Generally, the leather film surface is made into the front of the garment and has the style of leather garment. There are two kinds of Matt and light, and various colors can be added to the coating to make colored film, which is very beautiful. 8, flame retardant coating, through the fabric dipping or coating treatment, the fabric has flame retardant effect. And can be painted in color or silver on the surface of the fabric. Generally used as curtains, tents, clothing, etc. 9, DuPont Teflon three prevention treatment. DuPont Teflon is a waterproof, antifouling and oil-proof functional coated fabric. It is treated with DuPont Teflon to make the fabric waterproof, oil-proof and antifouling. It belongs to high-grade coated fabric. 10, anti-Ultraviolet coating, through the anti-ultraviolet treatment of the fabric, the fabric has the function of anti-ultraviolet, that is, the ability to prevent ultraviolet penetration. Generally, light color is more difficult to do, and dark color is easier to reach the standard.
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