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by:Lzdrason     2020-02-09
Backpacks can now be said to be everyone, so what is the difference between outdoor backpacks and daily backpacks? According to the outdoor sports projects, each project type is roughly divided into the following categories, and the characteristics of these types of backpacks are briefly described. Outdoor backpack climbing Category: used for climbing ice and snow rock terrain in medium and high altitude mountains. The main features are that the backpack is sturdy, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact in structure design, convenient in taking and placing items, professional in external storage and stable in carrying. It is also called a technical climbing backpack. In addition, daily rock climbing activities also require carrying equipment and ropes for backpacks. Outdoor Backpacks for hiking: hiking is divided into single-day hiking backpacks and multi-day hiking backpacks. It takes about 18 liters to walk on a single day- A backpack with a capacity of about 35 liters will need about 35 liters for many days-A backpack of about 45 liters. Used for multi-terrain hiking such as jungle mountains. The main features are that the backpack is firm, wear-resistant and waterproof, the backpack has strong bearing capacity, the carrying system is complete, and there are many external binding points. This category accounts for about 80% of the outdoor sports group and is the category with the most users. Ice and snow for outdoor backpacks: used in ice and snow sports. The main features are that the backpack is sturdy, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact and lightweight, simple in carrying structure, strong in external binding, etc. , and has special ski equipment such as snowboards. Outdoor backpack riding Category: used for road and cross-country cycling. The main features are compact backpack structure, light and comfortable carrying, convenient external binding, etc. , with helmet plug-in or built-in settings. Outdoor backpack leisure Category: used for outdoor leisure, ordinary tourism or daily use: the main features are simple carrying structure, light weight and portability, reasonable interlayer setting, etc. Outdoor Backpacks for running: running backpacks are special backpacks for daily running and cross-country running. Their main features are simple and compact structure, small backpack capacity, light and breathable carrying, etc. This type of backpack is more professional, and there are not many types to choose from, so it is relatively simple to choose. For daily running, you can choose a special kettle pocket with minimal loading capacity, the cross-country running project can choose a special cross-country running backpack. Finally, no matter what kind of outdoor backpack, it should be arranged according to travel needs, seasons, activities, camping, the volume of outdoor equipment and the travel environment, equipment replacement and clothing increase and decrease. If you need a custom Outdoor backpack, no matter which type of Outdoor backpack, you can choose Pesin Outdoor Products Company! Pesin Outdoor Products Company has been established for more than 12 years and has rich luggage experience. It is a professional Outdoor backpack customization manufacturer. Customers can provide versions or samples, or choose our company's existing version or sample, or we can design another version according to customer's requirements. We will provide customers with high-quality luggage customization service, make effect drawings, and then put them into production, and really create value for customers!
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